Music Education

Mount Mercy University’s music education program combines your creative spirit with current teaching methods to improve young people’s learning experiences and ready them for a life enriched by music.

Under the guidance of our experienced faculty, and through curriculum specific to your endorsement area, you’ll graduate from Mount Mercy with a professional licensure to teach music.

Get the best of both worlds! Splitting your time between the music and education departments means you experience a well-balanced curriculum. Learn from faculty who practice what they teach and bring practical experience to the classroom.

Just a few examples of core classes in music education are:

  • Music Theory I-IV
  • Educational Psychology
  • Instrumental Music Methods
  • Educating the Exceptional Person
  • Conducting
  • Human Relations
  • Vocal Techniques
  • Music History

In fulfilling the required teaching experience, you’re also immersed in MMU’s Professional Development School, one of the only programs in Iowa that places students in local schools while completing their coursework. This invaluable experience helps you transition into professional careers as you seek full-time teaching positions.

Get involved early – network for the future. By joining the Student-Iowa State Education Association (S-ISEA), a statewide education organization, music education majors have opportunities to attend conferences, participate in service learning projects, host speakers, attend social events, and expand their network with other professionals.

Our education curriculum is regulated by and accredited through the Iowa Department of Education.

Music Scholarships are available to any student with a passion for the arts.

What can I do with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in music education?

Graduates from Mount Mercy with a Bachelor of Arts in music education find success in public, private and charter schools, at community service agencies, childcare facilities, and with youth service institutions.

For those who want to take their careers to the next level, Mount Mercy offers a Master of Arts in Education with emphasizes available in reading, special education and teacher leadership.

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