Save the date: March 30, 2023! #HaveMercyGiveMercy is MMU’s Day of Spirit & Support! This one day makes a collective impact on the entire Mount Mercy community by bringing together stories, pride, and gifts of every size.


Did you know? Tuition only covers a portion of the actual costs to keep campus running.

Gifts to Mount Mercy help bridge the gap between tuition and total operating costs, impacting every part of our coMMUnity from scholarships and academics to campus updates and athletics.

In 2018, we created #HaveMercyGiveMercy as a way of helping get the word out about MMU’s annual Day of Spirit and Support. These 24 hours bring together our stories, Mount Mercy pride, and gifts of every size to make a collective impact on students and the Mount Mercy community.

A thank you to our donors

We'd like to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who came together to support Mount Mercy for our fifth annual #HaveMercyGiveMercy.

If you didn't get a chance to celebrate this year, just remember that there's never a wrong time to support the next generation of Mount Mercy students. Make your gift before June 30 and help our incoming fall students start with the best chance for success!

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