Clubs & Organizations

Our clubs and organizations make Mount Mercy University everything that it is: a diverse, open and exciting environment dedicated to improving the lives of all people in our community. Joining a club gives you an opportunity to pursue your passions and meet people with similar interests!

Clubs on Campus



Career & Pre-Professional 
Law & Politics Club Alex Carrick
MMU Association of Nursing Students Brooke Schneider
Psychology Club Allie Dunkel and
Vivian Gonzalez
Science Club Emily Tigges
Students in Human Resource Management Katie Kral
Social Work Organization Patty Hammond


Art & Design Club Elsa Gustafson
Begging for Mercy (Improv) Robby Holmes
Gaming Club
Investment Club Logan Martensen
M2AP Board Ashley Frees
Diamond Painting Club
The Bandana Project


Black Student Union Gloria Osei Tutu
Council for Student Athletes Kaleb Hagge
Emmaus Vanessa Milliman
International Club Sophie Feahn
Gen 1 Lauren Imhoff
LGBTQ+ Alliance Lucy Rood and 
Jayde Watznauer-Chapman
Somos MMU Miguel Sola


Leadership & Service
MMU Dance Marathon Hannah Lueck
Environmental Community Organizers (ECO) Gwen Johnson
Enactus Jillian Nafziger
Student Government Association Tiara Munoz
Service Club  Valerie Henry


Welcome from the SGA Executives

Fellow Mustangs, welcome to Mount Mercy’s clubs and organizations! We would like to thank you for making this university everything that it is: a diverse, open, and exciting environment dedicated to improving the lives of all people in our community.

As a student, you have genuine needs and expectations. As the Student Government Association, our goal is to ensure all of those needs and expectations are met. SGA seeks to solve students’ biggest problems and help fulfill their greatest ambitions. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by providing students with outlets true to their passions. We offer many ways to get involved and embrace meaningful work in the form of clubs and organizations. Our student-led groups help enhance studies and ensure long-lasting growth of students.

Our amazing Enactus club heads many community-based projects, like Market at the Mount. Science Club travels to local grade schools, wowing kids with CheMMUsical, eye-catching experiments set to music. English Club publishes the artful Paha Review. And our Improv Club entertains fellow students with the popular Beggin’ for Mercy improv shows.

Whether it’s meaningful work, fun activities, or a challenging academic environment, Mount Mercy University offers it all.

The Student Government Association of Mount Mercy is here to assist the student experience. If there is any way we can help you, please email

Thank you,

Emma Lantz (President)
Tiara Munoz (Vice President)
Maria “Fernanda” Hermosillo Arrieta (Treasurer)
Caitlin Scully (Secretary)