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Due to COVID-19, study abroad opportunities have been suspended until further notice.

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Programs can be as short as a week or as long as an academic year, and subjects can range from biology to marketing to literature. In addition to study abroad programs, students can investigate internship, volunteer, and work abroad opportunities.

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Mount Mercy’s exchange partnerships allow undergraduates to spend a semester or summer abroad for virtually the same cost as staying on campus. The benefits of studying abroad through a Mount Mercy partnership institution include a lower cost and the ability to apply your scholarships to your study abroad experience. Additionally, some classes are pre-approved and the transcript evaluation is pre-arranged.

Beginning in 2011, Mount Mercy has offered a study abroad program at Canterbury, a historic small city with a world-famous cathedral.  The semester program offers students the choice of two core courses in British society, literature, or history, and as well as two additional courses in a variety of subjects, such as English, criminal justice, history, and business. The program includes several field trips to places like London, Stonehenge, and Dover. Major European capitals like London, Paris, and Brussels are only a short train ride from Canterbury.

Mount Mercy’s newest partnership with Carlow College provides students with a comfortable small-town experience just a short bus ride from the capital city of Dublin. Students on the Carlow semester program can choose from courses that meet major or core requirements, including an Irish experience course that extends learning through field trips to castles, churches, and even pubs where traditional music is played. 

Since the partnership agreement with Palacky University was signed in 1989, dozens of Mount Mercy students have studied at Palacky, experiencing student life in the ancient city of Olomouc and traveling throughout the Czech Republic and Europe. No knowledge of Czech is necessary since courses for study abroad students are taught in English, especially in the Central European Studies program, including courses in economics, environmental studies, film, political science, and sociology. Mount Mercy offers a semester exchange and a summer exchange program in the Czech Republic. 

Stirling, set in the stunning countryside of central Scotland, has a four-week summer program offering comparative courses in nursing, criminal justice, business, sports management, and English. Each course includes at least one field trip, and day trips to places like St. Andrews and Edinburgh are also offered. Through Mount Mercy’s agreement with Stirling, students receive a substantial discount on the summer program. Stirling also offers a semester program, with a variety of classes to interest students in many majors.

British Literature and Culture allows you to gain first-hand knowledge of the literature you study by taking a 7-10 day trip to London, Oxford, Canterbury, and Bath. Not only can you see the places that inspired the greatetest masterpieces of British literature, but you can also tour some of the most important historic sites of british history and culture.

With additional access to castles, performance halls, and even football stadiums, this class has a little something for everyone!

Check out the highlights of the England trip from 2016.

Irish Literature and Culture allows you to gain a better understanding and appreciation of Irish and Northern Irish literature, history and culture through a 7-10 day trip to Dublin, Belfast, and Derry.

In addition to viewing the birthplaces of Ireland's most famous writers and the sites that inspired their greatest works, you will get to tour landmark sites of Ireland's rich history and experience many of the essential pillars of modern Irish and Northern Irish culture.

In the process, you will discover an Ireland beyond the typical tourist trip, an Ireland with rich history and a lot of important stories to tell. So whether you're a lover of Irish culture, a history buff, or simply an aspiring world traveler who wants to tour a beautiful country, Irish Literature and Culture is a trip you do not want to miss.

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Graduate Programs

Mount Mercy University has study abroad opportunities for graduate students! This three semester hour course is typically offered in January. This course is designed to give MBA and MSL students a hands-on global experience as they consult with small businesses in the Central American country of Belize. Check out the catalog for complete information on BA 640.

Frequently Asked Questions

Study abroad can provide both conventional benefits such as increased global awareness and personal growth, as well as less obvious advantages like increased professional opportunities and connections.

Yes, there are a number of scholarships available for study abroad. These range from prestigious national scholarships, such as the Fulbright, to smaller, program-specific scholarships. 

In general, the more you can plan in advance, the better. However, students sometimes make the decision as late as their junior year.

With some advance planning and thoughtful selection of courses, it's normally possible to study abroad and still graduate in four years. In some cases, classes taken abroad may count toward major requirements and the multi-cultural general education requirement.

Apply for your passport as soon as you start seriously thinking about studying abroad. It may take several weeks to receive your passport. If you are over 18, the passport will be valid for 10 years—enough time to get plenty of use out of it.

This depends on 1) where you're going, 2) how long you'll be there, and 3) what you'll be doing (interning, volunteering, working) in addition to studying. The Office of International Programs and/or the program sponsor can help you find information for visas on your particular program.

In general, if a course is directly related to your major, you can petition to have credits transfer. You'll need to gather information on the course, and preferably a syllabus, to complete the form and show what information is covered and the level of instruction. Approval of the petition is not automatic, but if you choose a reputable program, gather substantive information, and consult with your adviser and department chair, the chances of a successful transfer will be good.

No, there are many programs in English-speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Belize, South Africa, etc. Many programs, such as Palacky University’s Central European Studies Program, are geared toward international students and taught in English. In some cases, your classmates will be Americans, or they may be other international students from all over the world.

This depends where you're going (urban vs. rural area, developed vs. developing country), what you'll be doing (hiking in remote areas, working with children or animals), and what existing health conditions you already have. The U.S. Center for Disease Control website has information on recommended vaccinations, and you may also want to consult with your doctor if you have additional questions.

In general, it's very difficult for students to work while studying abroad. In some countries, students may not work at all. A few countries, such as Australia, allow very limited opportunities to combine work with studying. Students should not assume that they can make a significant contribution to their study abroad expenses by working abroad.

However, there are a few agencies that can help students find work abroad in jobs, such as au pairs, camp counselors, English teachers, temps, or restaurant staff. These programs generally do not offer college credit and most jobs are not professional, but students or recent graduates may be able to cover their living costs overseas. Any employment agency, especially one offering a job “too good to be true” should be investigated carefully.