Mercy Leadership Program

Develop sought-after leadership skills through the Mercy Leadership Program. You’ll connect theory to practice in meaningful ways—empowering you to promote the common good and lead in your community and chosen career path.

Make a meaningful impact on your community

Our mission: To empower tomorrow's leaders with Mercy values through self-discovery, service, and study. 

The Mercy Leadership Program promotes leadership in all aspects of your life—your academic experience, your community, and your chosen career path.

In this program, you will:

  • Complete the five-course Mercy Leadership minor, including one graduate-level course
  • Participate in an annual retreat
  • Take a leadership assessment
  • Engage in meaningful community service
  • Learn from experienced leaders in various professions

Launching in Fall 2024

Jacob Perks smiling for the camera

I personally feel that I became a better leader after serving the community—getting out of my comfort zone and working with individuals that I’ve never been around helped me network and build connections that I would have never imagined.

Gain sought-after leadership skills

Through a combination of coursework and beyond-the-classroom learning opportunities, you’ll develop the sought-after skills of a leader.

You’ll gain:

  • A holistic understanding of yourself and your leadership style
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution strategies
  • A professional network of community leaders
  • Practical skills for your career and life