Policies & Reporting

The Department of Public Safety is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to full-time Security Officers, the Department utilizes work-study students to assist in parking enforcement and during special events on campus. Mount Mercy operates an administrator-on-duty call system to ensure that administrative support and decision-making capacity is always available. All Public Safety Officers are trained in CPR/1st Aid/AED, emergency response, evacuation procedures, and interpersonal skills.

Weather Closings and Cancellations

The determination to close the university will be made based on the severity of the weather, area road conditions, and campus conditions. The university does not expect students or personnel to put themselves at undue risk. Please travel with caution on roadways.

  • When the campus is closed, classes are cancelled or remote and only essential personnel should report to work.
  • If classes are not cancelled, individual faculty must notify the Provost during regular business hours to request a class cancellation due to inclement weather. 
  • Faculty with campus commitments who are unable to be at work due to inclement weather are responsible for contacting appropriate colleagues and students.
  • Staff members who are unable to report to work due to inclement weather must consult with their supervisors.

Closed for the day
The decision to close the campus all day due to inclement weather will be made either the evening before or by 6 AM the morning of. 

Delayed start
If it appears that inclement weather and road conditions will improve during the day, a delayed start may be announced. Morning classes may be remote, or the first classes of the day will be those immediately following the delayed start time. Classes before or midway through the announced start time will not be held. Check Brightspace for specific class information. 

Close midday
If weather conditions deteriorate during the day, a decision may be made to close midday. Should the campus close midday, the same procedures for notification apply. In addition, members of the President’s Cabinet are responsible for communicating the message to their respective departments in a timely manner.

Evening class
If weather conditions deteriorate late afternoon, posing a risk to faculty and students, the institution will make a decision to cancel classes by 3 PM. Individual faculty may request to cancel their evening class even if the institution is open, by contacting either the Provost's Office or the Adult-Graduate office (whichever is applicable for the class) by 3 PM. Instructors should notify their students and make arrangements to make up the class. If the weather deteriorates once evening classes have begun, individual faculty should dismiss class early. 

Watch for Announcements

The President or Provost's Office will immediately notify the Public Safety and Marketing & Communications of a weather-related closing or delay. Public Safety will activate the weather notification system, and Marketing & Communications will share the announcement with the resources listed below.

Students, faculty, and staff should consult the following in the expected event of a weather delay or cancellation:

  • Mount Mercy homepage, which will display the weather alert
  • Mount Mercy student, faculty, and staff email accounts (sent via Rave Alert)
  • Brightspace
  • Switchboard: dial “0” if on campus; dial 319-363-8213 or 319-363-1323 if off campus 

Other resources that will be notified of a closing include:






WMT 600 AM
KMRY 1450 AM
KGYM 1600 AM


KCCK 88.3 FM
KMRY 93.1 FM
KRNA 94.1 FM
KHAK 98.1 FM
KNWS 101.9 FM
KZIA 102.9 FM
KDAT 104.5 FM
KRQN 107.1 FM

Safety Tips

  1. Report all suspicious persons.
  2. Report all thefts. 
  3. Be attuned to your surroundings.
  4. Walk or travel in well-lit, well-traveled areas. If you think someone is following you, abruptly switch directions or cross the street. If you're still being followed, go to a public place and ask for help. 
  5. Keep your purse, backpack, briefcase, cell phone, portable computer and any other valuable property in your possession at all times. Don't take a break and leave them behind.
  6. If you receive a harassing phone call, hang up immediately. Don't try to find out who the caller is and don't show any reaction. 
  7. Know your neighbors and make sure they know you. Ensure a roommate or friend knows your routines. Tell someone if you are going to be late or are out of town. 
  8. Notify Campus Security of any broken lights, overgrown shrubbery near walkways, telephones that don't work and doors with broken locks.
  9. Label your books, notebooks and personal property with your name. 
  10. Never open doors of campus buildings to strangers. 
  11. Mount Mercy students, faculty and staff should always have their University ID in their possession and present the ID when requested by Campus Security.

  1. Lock all doors, even if you are leaving for a short time.
  2. Make certain to lock your door before you go to sleep. 
  3. Never prop open any locking residence hall doors.
  4. Avoid leaving notes on your door saying that you are out.
  5. Do not loan your keys to anyone, or leave your keys unattended.
  6. Do not put your name and/or room number on your key ring.
  7. There are phones at the entrances to the residence halls that can be utilized in emergencies. There is also a blue light emergency phone located in all Mount Mercy parking lots. 

  1. Be sure doors are locked whenever you leave an unattended office or lab. 
  2. Never leave doors propped open or leave keys in an unlocked cabinet or desk drawer. 
  3. It is not advisable to tape extra keys under desk drawers or in file cabinets. 
  4. When leaving your office or lab for the day, make sure that all windows are closed and locked, all valuables and confidential materials are locked up and all desks, files and doors are locked.

  1. Have your key ready when you approach your vehicle. 
  2. Check before you get in your vehicle to make sure no one is hiding beneath or inside the vehicle.
  3. When you park, choose a well-lit, designated parking area. 
  4. If you carry valuables in your car, keep them out of sight in the trunk.
  5. Always lock your vehicle.
  6. There is a blue light emergency phone located in all Mount Mercy parking lots for emergencies.

Anyone can be the victim of sexual assault or rape, regardless of age, sex, race, status or type of dress. Please keep these tips in mind:

  1. Be alert and aware when dating. 
  2. Trust your instincts or "gut feelings." 
  3. Be careful when you invite someone into your residence.

The United States Department of Homeland Security defines an active shooter as "an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms(s) and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims."

  1. Run
    1. Know your surroundings – have escape route and plan in mind
    2. Run immediately - leave your belongings behind
  2. Hide
    1. If you can’t escape, hide in an area out of the assailant’s view
    2. Lock the door or block the entry to your hiding place
  3. Fight
    1. Fight as a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger
    2. Use items around you as weapons to fight
    3. Attempt to incapacitate the assailant

University Policies

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