Parking & Vehicle Information

The protection of students, employees, guests, and Mount Mercy property is our priority. We provide the following services: On-campus escort program, assistance with parking issues, and vehicle unlocks.

Payment of Fines

All fines are collected 24/7 through the online vendor website. The receipt for payment provided by the vendor must be provided to the Department of Public Safety prior to removal of the boot.

The boot notices will be bright orange and clearly provide information on how to contact the Department of Public Safety.

View, pay or appeal fines


The Student Services Office or the Director of Public Safety reserves the right to tow any vehicle on Mount Mercy University property when the towing is reasonably necessary to protect Mount Mercy property or promote safety. Vehicles of repeat violators of Mount Mercy regulations with unresolved violations may also be towed. Owners or operators of the vehicle that is towed are responsible for all towing costs.

Booting Vehicles Policy

A vital piece of the parking enforcement program is to identify vehicles that are unknown in the campus parking system or have received repeated parking citations. A “boot” list shall be maintained in the Public Safety Office. All Public Safety officers are expected to actively search for vehicles on the list during their assigned shift. If located on university property, a vehicle on the list may have a vehicle immobilizer or “boot” placed on its tire until the person responsible for the vehicle has resolved all parking violations. Vehicles on the boot list may be booted at any time, including on the weekends. The weekend is defined as after 4:30 PM on Friday until 8 AM Monday.

Anytime a person with a registered vehicle fails to make payment for their parking fines, the individual will be placed on the “boot” list regardless of the number of outstanding citations.

When the boot is placed on the vehicle, a bright orange notice will be placed on the windshield to notify the driver/owner of the boot placement. Damage or theft of a boot will be billed to the violator. Removal of the boot by the Department of Public Safety is contingent on payment of all outstanding fines, payment of a boot removal fee and receipt of valid Mount Mercy University parking registration. The Vice President for Administrative, Enrollment and Student Services or the Director of Public Safety may authorize the removal of a vehicle immobilizer based on extraordinary circumstances.

Unknown Owner: A vehicle which does not carry a valid Mount Mercy parking registration and has received 3 or more unpaid parking citations which have not been addressed or appealed will be booted. The Public Safety Office will determine when a vehicle should be booted and update the boot list.