Music at Mount Mercy

Continue to grow your musical skills, gain a personalized experience, and engage your talents through vocal or instrumental ensembles, right here at Mount Mercy University.

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The Hill is the place to nurture and expand your musical horizons. Our distinguished faculty practice what they teach and are well-connected in the community, bringing real-world experience and lessons to the classroom. Pursue your interests and grow your talent with a variety of opportunities to perform. 


In one of our academic music programs

Earn up to $8k

In talent scholarships by joining an ensemble


In one of eight instrumental and vocal ensembles

Music Talent Scholarships

Generous music scholarships are available for all majors participating in a musical ensemble. Earn up to $8,000 by applying and setting up an audition. Students selected for the All-State Music Festival automatically receive $2,500.

Instrumental ensembles

Mondays 7:00-8:30 PM and Wednesdays 3:30-4:50 PM | Open to students and community. 

University Band is a gathering of students from diverse majors to perform high-level concert band and chamber music representing a diverse set of styles, cultures, and eras. Membership is open to Mount Mercy students and community members interested in receiving a musically rewarding experience in an all-inclusive, welcoming environment. The University Band tours high schools, community locations, and places throughout the Midwest.

Mondays 4:30-5:30 PM | Flexible around student schedules as needed. 

Jazz Band is open to students interested in experiencing an expert variety of jazz styles, engaging in rehearsals with other talents, and participating in annual performances both on and off-campus.

Available between the end of Fall Semester to early Spring Semester. 

Pep Band is open to all University Band students and performs during 3-4 events each year, including homecoming and different athletic activities. The relaxed atmosphere provides members with the opportunity to perform a variety of classic and modern pop music.

Rehearsals are arranged around student schedules. 

Chamber Music opportunities are available to musicians wanting to focus their talents within a small ensemble of peers. This individual group study prepares student musicians to collectively develop collaboration, self-interpretation, and performance etiquette.

Rehearsals are arranged around student schedules. 

Liturgy Instrumentalists call forth all instrumental musicians to perform solos to their peers every other Sunday in the Chapel of Mercy. We also offer applied music lessons for organ and bells at no additional cost with our Liturgical Music Coordinator, Carolyn Sternowski. All wood and brass instrumentalists are welcome to participate to practice your craft, increase your volunteer hours, and develop your solo etiquette. 

Vocal ensembles

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30-4:50 PM. 

University Choir welcomes all students from any major or discipline to perform a wide variety of choral literature for concerts on and off-campus. To join the ensemble, an audition is not required. Oftentimes, the University Choir has the pleasure of performing with Orchestra Iowa or taking an annual tour in and out-of-state. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30-3:20 PM. 

Jazz Connection is a vocal jazz ensemble consisting of 14-16 auditioned singers. The ensemble performs from a wide range of jazz music equipped with a sound system and the backing of a combo band.

Show Choir (Voices Electric) is a song and dance performance group consisting of 30-40 musical talents. Experience all the fun of show choir without the competition pressure. The ensemble performs twice a year on-campus and at local show choir competitions. 

Rehearsals are arranged around student schedules. 

Liturgy Singers allows interested soloists to perform during Sunday mass at the Chapel of Mercy. Students who are interested in sharing their vocal talents can contact the Liturgical Music Coordinator, Carolyn Sternowski. All vocalists are welcome to participate to practice your craft, increase your volunteer hours, and develop your solo etiquette. 

Areas of study

Learn valuable skills from faculty, gain experience from recitals and internships, and tailor your degree to a variety of career options.

Whether you're interested in performance, administration, or using your passion to teach others, we have a program available for you. 

Our courses are made to be flexible with any career path. Careers our music alumni have pursued include: 

  • Audio Producer 
  • Coordinator of Music Liturgy 
  • Music Therapist 
  • Recording Artist 
  • Sound Designer 

Beyond the classroom

Enhance your skills by taking Mount Mercy’s applied music lessons, available year-round. Develop your musical abilities in piano, voice, and a range of wind and brass instruments from our dedicated music faculty. 

Our applied lesson experience is unique to every student and tailored to help anyone starting from any level of expertise. 

Learn from talented professionals, including:

Mount Mercy hosts a variety of workshops, continuing education opportunities, and festivals each year. 

  • All-State Chorale Workshop (Summer) 
  • All-State Wind & Percussion Mock Audition Workshop (Fall) 
  • Kodály Institute (Summer) 

Meet the instructors

Our welcoming faculty and staff are dedicated to designing a program that cultivates your talents. 

Grow your potential

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