Billing & Payments

Our office is here to help you with questions regarding your student account and payment options. Students can make payments through myMountMercy and grant CASHNet access to parents/families.

Billing & Payment Schedule

  • August 1: Fall bills will be available online through myMountMercy.

  • September 12: Full payment due for fall semester or first payment due for all students choosing the monthly payment plan option (payments are due September 12, October 11, November 10, and December 12). International students can pay their bills online via FlyWire.

  • Winter term tuition for three credit hours is included in the full-time tuition rate for students who are enrolled full-time in both fall and spring semesters. Students must be enrolled and billed as a full-time Mount Mercy student in both semesters. (This does not apply to students in accelerated, graduate, or online programs).

  • Students enrolled in a winter term course that are not full-time in both the fall and spring will be billed at the part-time tuition rate.

  • Students taking more than three credit hours will be responsible for the cost of the additional credit hours.

  • Students who are full-time in both fall and spring—and are taking a winter term course(s) at no additional charge—are still responsible for any course-related fees, such as lab fees.

  • There will be no refund of tuition or room and board for winter term if a full-time student chooses not to enroll in winter term. Charges for winter term are assessed in late December; payment is due January 15.

  • December 20: Spring bills will be available online through myMountMercy.

  • February 10: Full payment due for spring semester or first payment due for all students choosing the monthly payment plan option (payments are due February 10, March 10, April 10, and May 10). International students can pay their bills online via FlyWire.

  • Late May: Summer bills will be available online through myMountMercy.

  • June 15: Summer payment due. Mount Mercy does not offer a payment plan for the summer term. 
Incidental charges (for example: parking tickets, residence life charges, and late fees) are payable in full by the due date indicated on the monthly statement (i.e. they are not eligible for the Mercy Payment Plan).

Payment Plans

Mount Mercy offers a monthly payment plan through CASHNet with four installments per semester. The cost to enroll is $50 per semester. 

View payment plan setup (PDF)

Students may create a Parent PIN to allow parents, guardians and other authorized users to access their account information.

A Parent PIN must be created by the student before it can be used. The student can follow these steps to create a Parent PIN:

1. Log into your myMountMercy account.
2. Click on the Finance tab
3. Click on the CASHNet link
4. Locate the box labeled “Do you want help paying?”
5. Click “Send a payer invitation”.
6. Enter the Payer information.
7. Click “Send invitation”.
8. An email will be sent to the email address entered in step 6 with a login ID and temporary password.

Once the student has followed the steps above an invitation will be sent to the payer.

Additional payers can also be sent an invitation, an invitation can be resent to a payer, a payer’s information and access can be changed at any time by going to the Payers section in student’s profile in CashNet.

A student’s profile can be accessed by clicking on   before the student’s name.

If a parent, guardian, or authorized user needs a password reset, the student must perform the reset. The school cannot reset your password. Steps to reset a parent password:

  1. Log into your myMountMercy account.
  2. Click on the Finance tab.
  3. Click on the CASHNet link.
  4. Access your student profile by clicking on the profile icon before your name.
  5. Under Payers, click the pencil on the individual who needs to have password resent.
  6. Choose “Resend payer invitation”
  7. Choose “Save”

  1. Log into your myMountMercy account.
  2. Click on the Finance tab.
  3. Click on the CASHNet link.
  4. Scroll to "Available Items".
  5. Select the Appropriate Trip and the Appropriate Kind of Payment.
  6. Enter amount of payment (if not already entered) and add to payment.
  7. Continue to checkout.

Tuition Statements

Students may view statements on myMountMercy. Once a student is logged in, statements can be found on the Finances tab. Under Finances, there are several options:

  • Financial Aid: Clicking on the link below will take you to the Mount Mercy's NetPartner website, where you can view your financial aid information.

  • CashNet-Balance, Payment, and Statements: Through CASHNet, students can view their account balances, make payments, see account activity, view recent payments, enroll in eRefund, set a Parent Pin, view Bills, and enroll in a payment plan.

  • Flywire: International students can make payments through Flywire

  • Account History: Students can review a summary of their account for a selected period of time. The easiest way to look at detailed information is Detail by Charges/Credits. Charges/Credits detail what has been charged to a student’s account and what has been credited to the account.

For parents to view statements, they must first obtain CASHNet access from their student. Parents have the following options when logged into CASHNet:

  • Overview: Account balance, make a payment, and view activity detail. 

  • Payment Plans: Enroll in payment plan and view payment plan. 

  • Make a Payment: Make a payment on the account.

  • Transactions: Account transactions.

  • Statements: View monthly statements.

Title IV Credits

Title IV credits are defined as a credit created when the federal funds received exceed the allowable charges for a particular period. Allowable charges are tuition, mandatory fees, and university housing and board charges. For those students with a Title IV credit, refunds are issued within 14 days of creation with no action required by the student or family. These credits are not used for anything other than direct charges of tuition, activity fee, room, and board, unless specified by the student. 

For All Other Students

If a student has more financial aid or other payments than the charges on the account, he/she has a credit on their student account and is eligible to receive a refund for the credit. When looking at your student account, a credit balance will have a - in front of the amount. Our office issues refunds each week that the office is open. The refund process begins on Monday each week, with ACH deposits and checks being issued on Wednesdays. Standard practice is to refund the credit to the student's bank account. Students must enroll in e-Refund through CASHNet to authorize the ACH deposit. Exceptions to this must be addressed by a Student Accounts Manager. 

Withdrawals (Traditional, Semester Students)

A student’s final bill will be determined on the last day to add classes for each semester. This is generally 7 days after the beginning of the semester and is referred to as the final bill date. Before the final bill date students may adjust their class schedules without incurring add/drop fees. Students who drop classes after the final bill date will not be eligible to receive a refund of any of the tuition charged for that class unless they withdraw from Mount Mercy. Students who withdraw from Mount Mercy after the final bill date may be eligible to receive a refund of a portion of the tuition charged for the semester. The tuition refund schedule follows the federal financial aid guidelines. Please contact the Student Financial Services Office for more information regarding tuition refund amounts. If a refund is requested, a petition form must be filed with the Provost's Office within 30 days of the end of the term. See refund policies for accelerated and online programs

Financial Hold

The Student Accounts Office may place a hold on a student account if the account is past due. A hold on a student account prevents the student from registering for future classes.

Financial Dismissal

Students who have outstanding balances owed to the university may be placed on financial dismissal and unable to register for future courses until the past due amount is paid in full and they successfully complete the re-admittance process.