Sociology studies various aspects of human interaction and social phenomena. The sociology program at Mount Mercy addresses sociological issues pertaining to self, social groups, social and cultural values, family and community relations, economic and political relations, race, ethnic, gender, and class stratification, the city and the nature of social organizations.

Our comparative/historical approach enables students to analyze these issues in the United States, as well as in other societies with varied cultural values and at different levels of development.

The sociology curriculum addresses the educational objectives of students who wish to:

  • Develop skills in critical thinking and analysis
  • Learn the ways in which sociological thinking can contribute to one's active and constructive participation in society
  • Apply sociological theories to social public policy, planning, and administration

Sociology touches on many other fields, since it is the holistic study of all social interactions and institutions. Therefore, sociology is an ideal field to combine with other majors, such as art, criminal justice, communications, education, history, math, philosophy, political science and psychology.

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