For as long as you can remember, you've been fascinated by the way people behave and interact. With Mount Mercy University's sociology program, you can turn that curiosity into a career.

If you're the type of person who likes to observe the crowd, you're already a student of sociology. Mount Mercy's degree in sociology builds upon that foundation, teaching you to study, understand and answer questions like:

  • How does education affect a person's achievements?

  • What is the relationship between religion and other aspects of social life?
  • Why do people contribute to and get behind political campaigns?
  • How do social constructs determine a person's understanding of their value?

Through the holistic study of behavioral social interactions, our sociology program teaches you to examine economic and political forces, family and community relations, cultural values, race, gender, and the nature of social organization.

Students who major or minor in sociology at Mount Mercy gain the skills, knowledge and adaptability to succeed in whatever career they choose. Because careers in sociology touch on so many fields, sociology is also an ideal program to combine with other majors like criminal justice, communication, education, political science, science or social work.

MMU’s commitment to job placement: 100% of Mount Mercy students who major in sociology graduate with valuable internship and work experience under their belts. You’ll also be able to take advantage of research projects, study abroad programs, get involved with clubs and organizations, and contribute to leadership and service activities. You’ll graduate with a breadth of experience, ready for nearly any career.

What can I do with a sociology degree?

Mount Mercy graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology find work in a variety of professions like medicine, politics, research, teaching, law and more. Beyond workforce preparation, our sociology program provides the foundation for graduate study and professional programs. A sociology degree gives you the advantage of being able to incorporate a broader perspective, approach new ideas, initiate innovative directions, and use your skills to teach and help others.

Our graduates have found careers as:

  • Domestic violence and crisis case managers and counselors
  • Correctional officers and victim-witness coordinators
  • Job development specialists
  • College admissions and student leadership representatives
  • Attorneys of law

Our alumni say Mount Mercy is the best sociology school in Iowa:

“At Mount Mercy I fell in love with sociology — the department, the staff, the classes […] finding sociology has been a really good opportunity for me. They’ve given me a lot of opportunities that I never thought would be offered. I love the school.”

Jennifer Erger, ‘13, sociology and criminal justice,
Drake University Law School intern at John P. Sarcone Polk County Attorney's Office in Des Moines, Iowa. (2016)

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