Social Work

Mount Mercy University’s social work major equips students with knowledge for understanding human behavior in society, and helping skills for responding to people in need of social services.

Students in Mount Mercy’s social work program will learn unique skills like facilitating groups, advocating for clients, and influencing social policy in a way that promotes justice.

The university’s social work major is integrated with a liberal arts base, which allows students to explore complementary course work in English, religious studies, philosophy or history along with political science, sociology, psychology and criminal justice.

The primary objective of the social work degree is to first prepare students for immediate employment in generalist social work practice with individuals, families, groups, and organizations and communities. An undergraduate social work degree from Mount Mercy University also prepares students for graduate studies in social work. Graduates may be eligible for advanced standing in a Masters of Social Work (MSW) program, allowing them to complete their MSW in as little as 11 months in many cases.

Thanks to Mount Mercy’s vast network of connections in the community, social work majors have access to many exciting internship opportunities in human service agencies and organizations throughout Cedar Rapids and eastern Iowa.

Social work scholarships are available for incoming freshmen and transfer students for between $500 and $2,000.