It’s a fact: undergraduate students who live on campus have better grades, are more likely to graduate in four years, and have a more rewarding overall college experience. That’s why all Mount Mercy undergraduates live in one of our campus residence halls, suites or apartments for at least their first four semesters.

Campus Communities

Since this may be your first time away from home, we want to surround you with people who share your same interests. Learning Communities allow our residents to live with others who share their interests, in a smaller and theme focused residential environment. Our communities promote engaged and reflective learning in and out of the classroom.

Not only will you enage with your fellow community members, but you may take classes together, do service projects together, and have a group of friends to explore everything else campus life has to offer:

Contact Residence Life

Moving on campus?

If you have questions about where you'll live, how we can help, or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact the Residential Life staff by email at or 319-368-6469.