Public Relations

Public relations is all about helping companies communicate.

Any company today has to keep up good relations with all the different groups that support it, and a public relations degree from Mount Mercy teaches students how to make this communication happen. Graduates specialize in careers such as event planning, fundraising, media relations, community relations, and corporate communications.

Mount Mercy’s public relations major is modelled after industry standards, balancing inclass and out of class learning. All majors graduate with at least one internship, a benefit allowed by Mount Mercy’s proximity to the range of businesses within Cedar Rapids and eastern Iowa.  This balance of theory and practice well prepares each graduate to launch into their career.

On campus experience with the student newspaper, the Mount Mercy Times, also helps students understand the role of communication in maintaining positive relationships between organizations and their publics.

Writing scholarships are available to incoming freshmen and transfer students with an interest and talent in writing. This scholarship is open to majors and non-majors alike for up to $3,000 and renewable up to four years for a total of $12,000.