Mount Mercy University’s political science major is rooted in the study of fundamental political concepts and theories, allowing students the opportunity to achieve their career goals through a political science degree.

Students earning their political science degree will study American politics, comparative politics, international politics and political philosophy before choosing electives that tailor the political science major to each student’s interests. A strong focus on research is part of the political science major.

Whether a student is pre-law or interested in pursuing a career in education, social work, health care, criminal justice, diplomacy, advocacy, journalism, business or research, a political science degree can make a contribution to intellectual and professional development.

Mount Mercy’s political science major can also help guide a student on a pre-law track, preparing students to take the LSAT and apply to law school.

Mount Mercy’s criminal justice graduate program complements a political science degree, and allows students to further their career options in political science or criminal justice-related fields. Other graduate programs in political science, public policy or public administration, health care administration, social work, business, or education are also natural complements to a political science degree.