Political Science

Learn to think better and analyze the world you live in, while sharpening valuable workplace skills. From our Hill to Capitol Hill, from political games to war games—Mount Mercy's political science degree develops future leaders in law, government, and international business.

When you major in political science at Mount Mercy, you’ll study courses in international relations, American politics, comparative politics, and political theory, building a solid foundation in strategy, government institutions, and relations between countries.

You'll gain experience. Learn about China or Russia, while preparing to represent the United States at one of its foreign embassies. A strong research focus is only part of the political science major. You’ll study under distinguished faculty members who have worked for the U.S. Congress, Executive Branch, and Federal Courts. They’ve helped students find valuable internship experiences in state and federal government, in campaign offices, and nonprofit organizations. Study state and local governments while interning with a member of the Iowa Senate in Des Moines. Does an internship at the U.S. Embassy in Quito, Ecuador or the Consulate in Osaka, Japan sound like your idea of education and work experience? Learn how to apply and develop the skills to succeed at Mount Mercy.

Many students choose to pair a major or minor in political science with studies in business, criminal justice, social work, education, history, or psychology—honing skills based on individual student interests. Want to affect the future of climate change? Pair a degree in political science with a degree in biology or chemistry. Interested in nursing, but want to improve healthcare throughout the state or country? Combine nursing with political science.

What can I do with a degree in political science?

More than one in 20 jobs involve government work. Upon graduating, political science majors will have the expertise to excel in these positions. Political science will help you succeed in the court system, the FBI, or CIA. Work for your country while living aboard, forging a career in the U.S. Foreign Service.

Maximize business profits, by learning more about U.S., foreign, and international regulations. Be prepared to flourish with knowledge of how large bureaucracies work and be ready to navigate them.Gain the skills to help others understand the world better through jobs in journalism or news media.

Change the world by becoming an expert in party politics or grass-roots campaigns.

Some career paths, such as lawyer, will require an advance degree in addition to a BA in political science, while others do not require further studies.

Mount Mercy graduates who majored in political science have followed many paths:

Our alumni explain why Mount Mercy is the best school for political science in Iowa:
“I worked on Monica Vernon’s campaign for Congress. I was a field organizer, which means I led the team of interns and helped out the volunteers. I also made phone calls and went door-todoor to eligible voters. I heard about the campaign from a fellow classmate. It was my internship at first, but then I was offered a position there. I learned more about political procedures and how local politics work, and I learned more about my second major, political science.”
Matt Wermers ’15
Majors: Political Science, Criminal Justice

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