Mount Mercy University’s applied philosophy major and philosophy minor stress the importance of ethical thinking and action.

Mount Mercy’s philosophy program specializes in the history of philosophy, with an emphasis on the Catholic intellection tradition and the compatibility of faith and reason — unique amongst regional philosophy programs.

Applicable to all professions, students earning a Bachelor of Arts in applied philosophy at Mount Mercy develop skills in critical and high-order thinking. They learn how to identify key concepts, evaluate ideas, find clarity in ethical scenarios and effectively communicate complexities.

At Mount Mercy, students are engaged in one-on-one mentorship with faculty members who guide students in developing a personalized program of study based on the student’s interests and goals. Focused on developing the whole person, courses also help students examine and answer some of the most debated questions of human existence: How do we know what we know? What does it mean to exist, to be human? Does God exist? How can we live ethically?

Mount Mercy’s philosophy program has a flexible structure and is uniquely designed to accompany other programs as a second major or as a minor.  While many Mount Mercy philosophy graduates further their education in law or graduate school, others pair their studies with degrees in education, criminal justice, science, business and journalism. This interdisciplinary approach allows students to study in a meaningful, personal way, and prepare for fulfilling lives and careers.

What can I do with a major or minor in philosophy?

Mount Mercy graduates have succeeded in graduate school not only in philosophy, but in theology, law, history, criminal justice and government. A national poll of law school deans revealed philosophy and English as the two majors that best prepare students for law school. Mount Mercy philosophy majors have begun careers at companies locally and beyond:

  • Mercy Medical Center
  • Veterans Administration
  • Horizons
  • ASAC
  • Brucemore

Our alumni say MMU’s unique combination of accomplished professors, academic excellence, and tight-knit, fun-loving campus culture make Mount Mercy the best school for philosophy in Iowa.

“I view my philosophy degree as a foundation on which to build an ethical and thoughtful professional life. The insight my degree has given me helps me think critically and problem-solve, no matter what situation I find myself in.”

— Elizabeth Meriwether '08, Business Development and Quality Improvement Coordinator, Mercy Care North Liberty

“MMU’s philosophy program caused the marriage of this ancient discipline of wisdom with my life and work.  By learning to think critically about the political, economic, social, and religious systems of our culture, moving beyond mere opinion or emotional invective, we can reclaim an authentic version of ourselves.”

Rev. Scott Jamieson ’01, founding pastor, Church Of Another Chancethe only full time church located in a metropolitan jail in the USA

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