Peer Tutoring

Fill out a tutor request form at the Academic Center for Excellence to request a Tutor

  The tutor request form is available at the Academic Center for Excellence . If you are not able to get into the center during regular office hours, or if you are an online student, please email or call 319-363-1323 Ext. 1208 for assistance with filling out the request.

  • Successful students are hired and trained to provide tutoring in course content.
  • Students can request a tutor at any level, in any course. We have several tutors available in the high demand areas but if we don’t have a tutor for the class you request, we will do our best to find a tutor.
  • Since peer tutors have already done well in the class they tutor for, they can also share their learning strategies with students and give other insights into the best ways to work with the material.
  • Typically tutoring occurs once or twice a week – one hour at a time. Tutoring sessions are arranged between the student and tutor – that way the tutoring sessions will fit both of your schedules and can be modified as you go along.