October 20, 2023

Mount Mercy University and SCC partner on 4-year education degree

Mount Mercy University has entered a partnership to provide Southeastern Community College (SCC) students a pathway to a bachelor's degree in education.

The presidents of both institutions signed the agreement on Monday. Now, students who complete SCC's two-year education program can easily transfer to Mount Mercy to earn their bachelor's and a teaching certification. To make this process even more convenient for students, Mount Mercy classes will be offered face-to-face on SCC’s West Burlington campus.

This model removes barriers for students who need to transfer to another institution to complete their four-year degree. The hope, according to Mount Mercy President Todd Olson, is that this will uplift teachers to make Iowa's education system even more vibrant and successful.

“Mount Mercy and SCC are among many partners committed to that as we move our state, our region, and our communities forward,” he said.

Such partnerships are especially crucial to address Iowa’s critical shortage of teachers and childcare providers. During the signing event, SCC President Michael Ash emphasized that strengthening the region's local education system is necessary for its success.

“We’ve entered into numerous partnerships with other higher ed institutions, but this one is special,” Ash said. “We’re educating our students to become educators themselves.”

Leaders from both institutions entered discussion to create this bridge only six months ago. Now, students who complete SCC’s elementary or early childhood education program will have a seamless transition to Mount Mercy.

Classes will be held on SCC's West Burlington campus during the evening. Students can choose from three different teaching endorsements: early childhood education, reading, and special education.

For more information on the partnership, contact Dr. Ashlee SpannagelDean of Career & Technical Education & Workforce Development at SCC. 

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