September 19, 2023

Mount Mercy University congratulates 2023 white coat recipients

The following nursing students received their white coats in a ceremony on September 8, marking their acceptance into the nursing program and approval to move on to clinical study.

Dorothy Adams from Iowa City, IA

Kelsey Adams from Monticello, IA

Sheridan Akers from Greenfield, IA

Sarah Albaugh from Cedar Falls, IA

Lori Anderson from Blairstown, IA

Addisyn Bahls from Iowa City, IA

Hannah Baldino from Lowell, IA

Maggie Barnes from Robins, IA

Zoey Baustian from Walford, IA

Alaina Bina from Cresco, IA

Gillian Biscupski from Cedar Rapids, IA

Laura Bishop from Round Lake, IA

Owen Bovenmyer from Garwin, IA

Tori Boyse from Wellman, IA

Piper Brant from Letts, IA

Falynn Buehler from Oelwein, IA

Madeline Caylor from Iowa City, IA

Kiah Coffin from Newhall, IA

Diana D'Almeida from Cedar Rapids, IA

Abigail Downey from Orion, IA

Rebecca Farmer from Manchester, IA

Grace Farris from Cedar Rapids, IA

Gracie Franzen from Monmouth, IA

Sandra Furaha from Cedar Rapids, IA

Kaedence Galvan from Cedar Rapids, IA

Tegan Goehring from Springville, IA

Allison Greving from Iowa City, IA

Erin Hellmann from Ryan, IA

Liberty Henderson from West Point, IA

Rehema Irakoze from Cedar Rapids, IA

Calli Janik from Wauconda, IA

Valentine Jarata from Cedar Rapids, IA

Ruth Jennings from Williamsburg, IA

Gretchen Jones from Urbana, IA

Deborah Kalanga from Cedar Rapids, IA

Callie Kreps from Clive, IA

Haley Kreps from Clive, IA

Kynlie Ladehoff from Iowa City, IA

Jacie Lange from Jesup, IA

Shawna Lindemann from Solon, IA

Sydney Lopez-Mitvalsky from Cedar Rapids, IA

Amelia Lueck from Howard Lake, IA

Dayna Maiers from Durant, IA

Izzy Mathews from Cedar Rapids, IA

Kristen McGeough from Postville, IA

Alexis McKinney from Springville, IA

Alexis McQuistion from Cedar Rapids, IA

Bryce Medinger from North Liberty, IA

Mya Melton from Dubuque, IA

Eve Millage from Muscatine, IA

Emily Miller from Atkins, IA

Sydney Miller from Preston, IA

Kalli Minger from Anamosa, IA

Naomi Novetzke from Cedar Rapids, IA

Haley Nurczyk from Shorewood, IA

Christina Olsen from Indianola, IA

Kayla Overton from Davenport, IA

Alexis Randall from Cedar Rapids, IA

Linda Reagan from Cedar Rapids, IA

Maddy Reid from North Liberty, IA

Mark Requena from Hiawatha, IA

Abigail Rinderknecht from Atkins, IA

Tiffany Rodgers from Iowa City, IA

Emma Rodman from Mt Vernon, IA

Lily Rogers from Anamosa, IA

Alyson Rosekrans from Fairfax, IA

Delcie Sanache from Le Grand, IA

Kathleen Schermerhorn from Eldridge, IA

Rebecca Schmerbach from Iowa City, IA

Molly Seyller from Colo, IA

Gabrial Shakespeare from Cedar Rapids, IA

Elizabeth Sheets from Maquoketa, IA

Harley Shene from San Jose, IA

Yirui Song from Iowa City, IA

Nikkia Spinelli from Belle Plaine, IA

Brenna Stoops from Lisbon, IA

Brittney Teno from Cedar Rapids, IA

Isabel Thier from Waverly, IA

Samantha Tinnes from Kalona, IA

Kayla Van Dyke from Newton, IA

Madelyn Wade from Wilton, IA

Amanda Weih from North Liberty, IA

Zoe Witte from Urbana, IA

Abigail Zilinger from Bourbonnais, IA