June 14, 2023

Mount Mercy announces 2023-2028 strategic plan

Mount Mercy University has announced its 2023-2028 strategic plan, Strong Legacy. Stronger Future.

“I am inspired by the tremendous work and time that so many colleagues devoted to the future of our university,” said Dr. Todd A. Olson, President of Mount Mercy. “Our students, alumni, faculty, staff, and Board provided valuable feedback, shared thoughts and aspirations for our future, and served in various ways.” 

The strategic plan centers around four commitments: 

  • We Will Empower Through Education
  • We Will Provide a Life-Changing Student Experience
  • We Will Make Mount Mercy the Heart of the Community
  • We Will Ensure Mount Mercy is Stronger Tomorrow than it is Today 

“Mount Mercy was built during difficult times by strong women who met challenges and carried their mission of Mercy forward,” Olson said. “Today, we meet the challenges of our time with the same resolve and determination that our founders showed. I am confident that Mount

Mercy will grow stronger as we work together to put our plan into action.”

Strong Legacy. Stronger Future.

View the plan