November 8, 2022

Campus Updates on 11/9 Incident

11/10 update

We have heard our community's security concerns related to the incidents over the last week and are taking a number of immediate measures to ensure our campus safety and well-being, which is our utmost priority.

New Measures

  • Badge-only access for all campus buildings—effective Monday, November 14 
  • Clarification on emergency procedures (shelter in place vs. timely warning vs. lockdown) on our website and delivered to your campus mailbox—by next week
  • Safety & Security Committee comprised of employees and students—meeting next week
  • Improved parent/guardian communications—in progress
  • Resident Assistants accompanied by professional Residence Life staff during late-night rounds—in progress
  • Group therapy sessions for students—coming weeks

Continued Measures

  • Additional CRPD presence on and around campus
  • Increased patrols by Public Safety officers and escort service for students/employees
  • Shuttle service from main campus to RAC and PAC during open RAC hours (departs on the hour from Busse Center atrium)
  • Tunnel access from 6:00 AM-11:00 PM

Measures We’re Exploring

  • Additional spaces on campus to improve and/or implement cameras
  • Nighttime walk-through to identify any spaces on campus that are not well lit
  • Customer service training for employees
  • CRPD partnerships for Rave alerts and substation in College District
  • Visible ID cards for employees

Arrest Made by CRPD

The Cedar Rapids Police Department has made an arrest in the November 3 shooting incident that injured our student. More details are posted on their Facebook page.

11/9 update

Our campus community convened this evening to discuss the security incidents that occurred early this morning and last week. There is nothing we take more seriously than the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff, and we will continue to strengthen our response to keep our community safe.

Today and tonight, we received meaningful feedback. In response, we will conduct a thorough review of our Public Safety, security, and communication procedures. We will also work to improve our communication with parents during emergency situations. As we shared earlier today, campus patrols will be increased, shuttles will remain available, and 24/7 campus security will continue.

Update on today’s incident

After reviewing video footage from Andreas Hall, we know that early this morning there was an unidentified person who entered through a side door that was propped open. Video footage does not show the presence of a weapon, but students reported seeing the individual with a weapon through their peephole. They immediately reported the incident to Public Safety and the Cedar Rapids Police Department, who conducted a thorough search of campus and determined there was not an ongoing threat. A timely warning was issued via email. The incident remains under investigation.

Update on 11/3 incident

The Mount Mercy student who was injured in a shooting near campus has returned to active engagement on campus. The CRPD reported the investigation has made meaningful progress, and they are optimistic that more information about the case will be available soon.

Thank you to everyone who attended tonight’s forum and for your commitment to ensuring a safe campus community for all. We will continue to be available for questions, feedback, and support.

Incident report

At 4:20 this morning, Public Safety and the Cedar Rapids Police Department were notified of a person inside Andreas, possibly armed. The CRPD is investigating the incident and has determined there is not an active, ongoing threat to our campus community.

Public Safety is in constant communication with the CRPD and will increase campus patrols today. They will continue to provide 24/7 security for our campus. A timely warning was sent to students and employees early this morning per the federal Clery Act.

More information will be shared as it becomes available.