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April 16, 2020

MMU Times shows resiliency during pandemic

Determined to continue producing a campus newspaper, the resilient staff of the Mount Mercy Times is getting creative to produce a virtual publication.

Before the pandemic, every computer in the Times office would be occupied by staff members laughing, listening to music, and working together to produce the bi-weekly student publication. However, this news cycle process looks a little different now.

"Students are facing a unique challenge, and are meeting it. At a time like this, having functioning student media is important to preserving our sense of community. I think what student editors are planning will be informative and entertaining."

Joe Sheller
MMU Times Advisor

Utilizing Zoom to hold their editors’ meetings, the team circulates a story list, edits stories, and updates the Times website all remotely.

“We set up a Google account to edit articles. From there, we are uploading stories to the new website as individual stories, not a whole issue like we normally would in print,” said Veronica Jons, editor-in-chief of the Times.

The Times staff, motivated by their mission to serve the MMU community, understands their importance now, more than ever before.

“During these troubling times, our stories, opinions, and movie/book reviews might just be what people need to ease their minds, have positivity, or just keep them entertained right now,” said Jons.

Due to the cancellation of several on-campus events, the Times has adapted to find intriguing ideas for stories.

According to Sheller, the newspaper plans to generate content about the MMU community and how students and staff are navigating these tough times.

The Times will also launch a new feature, The Corona Diaries, which will highlight personal blog posts of the editors’ and their new normal during the pandemic.

“'The Corona Diaries' is an important way that Times writers can capture the new MMU student experience by sharing their personal journeys,” said Sheller. “I hope that the diaries resonate with readers and help bring the community together.” 

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