A degree in mathematics from Mount Mercy University aligns you with a huge array of career opportunities.

Students in Mount Mercy’s mathematics program are fully integrated into an environment that supports a variety of research and learning opportunities. Our faculty have mentored students in both pure and applied mathematics projects, such as growth models in conservation biology, applying statistics to the prediction of Iowa high school baseball brackets, regression analyses of local housing markets, and computations in low dimensional topology (knot theory).

While earning your degree, you’ll work closely with your professors and fellow students to develop vital teamwork skills. You’ll also learn to think logically, work accurately, and clearly express mathematical ideas while putting problem-solving skills into action.

Our flexible curriculum lets you pursue your education in the way that best matches your career goals.

A mathematics degree can lead to careers in medicine, finance, engineering, computer science, analysis, statistics, teaching, law and more. Students who seek careers as secondary education teachers complete a double major in math and in secondary education. Other common programs to double major with include actuarial science or computer science. And for non-math majors seeking to enhance their mathematical foundations, Mount Mercy also offers a math minor.

Going beyond curriculum, you’ll find abundant opportunities to practice and apply your skills. Through research, internships, campus activities and community service you enhance your personal and professional experiences, adding power to your resume. You’ll also find many math majors involved in tutoring, organizing math and STEM programs for local schools, and participating in competitions with the Math & Computer Science Club.

What can I do with a degree in math?

Our graduates have worked for companies like Transamerica and Rockwell Collins using their mathematics major as the backbone of their career paths. Some alumni share their talents with the Armed Forces, while others are insurance professionals or work with computer technology. Math majors can also advance to graduate schools including University of Iowa, Iowa State, or Colorado State University.

Graduates from Mount Mercy are now working in:

  • The Armed Forces 
  • Computer Programming 
  • Computer Networking 
  • Insurance 
  • College and High School Teaching

“The math faculty inspired me to pursue a career in teaching. They were incredibly passionate about their field and devoted to helping students succeed. They demonstrated for me the importance of placing students first—students are the focus of their work. In addition, they pushed me to challenge myself and grow intellectually.”

Dr. Travis Peters ’06
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
ISU Mathematics Department
Ames, Iowa

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