MMU Plus

Want a head start on your master's degree? Current MMU students can take up to four advanced courses in any of our graduate programs during their undergraduate studies, if eligible.

Get more from your college experience

It's easy to see why so many students choose MMU Plus

Undergraduate students can apply their current financial aid to grad courses, allowing them to earn graduate credits at no extra cost. Eligible students can take up to four advanced courses in any graduate program.

MMU Plus is available for juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3.0+ in the Business & Leadership, Education, and Marriage & Family Therapy masters programs. It is available for juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3.5+ in Nursing.

  • Earn early credits towards a graduate degree and save money*
  • Fulfill electives in a bachelor’s program
  • Apply financial aid toward graduate-level classes
  • Make valuable connections for jobs and internships
  • Gain advanced skills

*Savings vary by program. Students in Business & Leadership or Nursing programs may save up to $9,600. Students in Education or Marriage & Family Therapy programs may save up to $7,600.

Starting is easy

We're here to propel you forward—and with all of the benefits, there's no reason to wait!

Since classes are offered with 9 start dates in 5- and 10-week blocks, you're able to work courses in when they best fit into your schedule.

  1. Speak with your advisor to determine eligibility.
  2. Meet with a program director and/or admissions recruiter with questions (meeting with program director required for nursing students).
  3. Complete the registration form.

Available courses

You're able to join any of the courses listed below through MMU Plus. Get a jump-start on your master's or use graduate courses to complete electives for your bachelor's—all at no extra cost!

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management courses (see catalog for full details):

  • BA 515: Organizational Ethics
  • BK 500: Managerial Marketing
  • BN 500: Organizational Effectiveness
  • BN 620: Principles of Project Management
  • LS 640: Systems Thinking & Growth Mindset

Please visit the Master of Arts in Education catalog for course descriptions.

  • ED 504: Assessment in Teaching English as a Second Language
  • ED 560: Behavior Interventions
  • ED 515: Children's Literature: Enhancing Instruction
  • ED 511: Collaboration and Mentoring
  • ED 525: Content Area Reading and Writing
  • ED 551: Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • ED 530: Diagnostic Assessment of Reading & Writing
  • ED 518: Early Childhood Assessment and Intervention
  • ED 517: Early Childhood Curriculum, Birth-Kindergarten
  • ED 507: ESL Reading and Language Arts Methods and Practicum
  • ED 514: Family and Community Relationships
  • ED 510: Foundations of Reading
  • ED 501: Grammar for Teaching English as a Second Language
  • ED 513: Health, Nutrition, and Safety
  • ED 512: Human Growth and Development
  • ED 521: Issues in Educational Psychology
  • ED 503: Language, Culture, and Schooling
  • ED 520: Language, Literacy and Culture
  • ED 502: Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition
  • ED 550: Special Education: Law, Collaboration and Consultation
  • ED 519: Supervision and Administration of Early Childhood Programs
  • ED 531: Technology Strategies for Teachers
  • ED 580: Transitions and Career Planning
  • ED 576: Trends and Strategies in Teaching Children with Autism
  • ED 516: Young Adult Literature

Please visit the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) catalog for course descriptions. A minimum 3.5 GPA is required to take MSN courses through MMU Plus. Students should also schedule an appointment with the Graduate Nursing Programs Director to discuss what courses are right for them.

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Please visit the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy catalog for course descriptions.

  • MF 524: Family Life Development
  • MF 503: Family Systems
  • MF 605: Neuroscience for Marriage & Family Therapy
  • MF 671: Therapeutic Techniques with Parents and Children
  • MF 665: Applications of Play Therapy
  • MF 626: Psychopathology and the Family
  • MF 655: Spirituality and the Family
  • MF 630: Trauma, Violence, & Addiction

In choosing to start my master’s degree early, I was able to make more valuable connections with other nurses in the area.

Emily Vittetoe ’19, ’21 MSN

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