Citation Assistance

Citing sources? Creating a bibliography? Look to these websites for style instructions and interactive tutorials.

APA Citation Assistance


APA Style — guidelines from Busse Library (APA, 7th edition, 2021)

Citing Business Sources in APA Style — offers models for corporate information sources 

Advanced APA Formatting: Tables, Figures, Appendices, Tables of Contents — Busse Library guide.  Addresses landscape and portrait orientation issues, as well as creating a table of contents. 

In-Text Citation Table — Busse Library version of APA table that shows how to reference authors and how to create parenthetical (internal) citations

Running-Head Steps in Office (desktop version) — Procedure for creating APA's required, running head in Microsoft Word

Running-Head Steps in Office 365 — Procedure for creating APA's required, running head in Office 365 

Model and Sample Papers

NOTE: APA 7 has two paper formats. Professional papers require a running head; student papers do not require one and the cover page can include course details.

Model Paper: Student format- does not include running head

Model Paper: Professional format- includes running head 

MLA Citation Assistance

MLA Style — guidelines from Busse Library (MLA, 9th edition, 2021)

Chicago Manual of Style Citation Assistance

CMS Style — guidelines from Busse Library (CMS, 17th edition, 2017)