Peer Tutoring

Successful students are selected and trained as peer tutors to provide tutoring in course content. Academic peer coaches provide assistance in learning strategies, time management, and organizational and study skills.

Peer Tutoring Schedule

View the Spring 2024 tutoring schedule.

Peer Tutoring is available both in person and online. Contact ACE at for details.

Online tips for students

ACE Peer Educators have been gathering their thoughts, observations, and advice based on their personal experiences with taking online courses. Here’s what they believe you should know to be productive and effective on-line learners.

  • Check Brightspace at least 3 times a day to always keep on track
  • Get familiar with Brightspace
  • Check your internet access and capability
  • Read through each course carefully, important and additional information will be posted regularly, deadlines may change, and assignments

  • Read your syllabi daily Professors will make changes
  • Carefully watch the deadlines and timelines
  • Read the directions carefully as to how to submit assignments, and take online quizzes and exams

Set Reminders Every Day to:
  • Attend all classes
  • Participate in online discussions
  • Take quizzes and exams
  • Complete your course work and turn in your assignments

  • Make a schedule and stick to your class/study plan (at least 5-6 hours per day)
  • Use a planner and have all class materials ready when you start class
  • The pace/speed of an on-line course is much faster (readings and outside assignments are expected to be completed prior to the start of class)
  • Set priorities and balance study time and social time
  • Pre-planning of final projects
  • Handing in assignments on time
  • Working ahead if possible
  • There is a lot of free time now that almost all events and activities are closed/cancelled – use that time wisely and study, read and learn more than ever before

  • Communicate regularly with your Professors
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions
  • Answer e-mails, texts, Brightspace messages immediately
  • If you don’t understand something, ask
  • If you have an idea, share it

  • Test your laptop camera and microphone before you start a class/meeting to avoid waiting time
  • To participate in class discussion
  • To ask questions
  • To work hard–it’s not easy

Content-Area Tutoring

  • Tutoring is available in person and via Zoom
  • Prepare questions and problems ahead of time; the only silly question is the one not asked
  • Tutors will support and assist you but don’t do the assignment or study for you
  • Check ACE webpage for schedule and updates

Writing Center

  • Writing Tutors are available for walk-ins during the afternoons and evenings
  • Send your questions to our Writing Specialist at

Peer Academic Coach

  • Be honest
  • Share your concerns
  • Listen to your Peer Academic Coach and your other peers

  • Avoid changing your daily routine
  • Take effective breaks while studying and doing homework
  • Take care of your body - Sleep, eat and drink well and exercise so you can to stay healthy and happy 
  • Wash your hands

  • Try and stay ahead if all possible because once you get behind in the online format it is really hard for those to respond to individuals on their discussion post.
  • Turn on all kinds of notifications on Brightspace (via email & text message). That should help to remind you of due dates, quizzes, new announcements, etc. o Work with your classmates and peers