Why Give

Giving is a personal decision, a demonstration of your personal values. Mount Mercy recognizes that nowhere is your faith in our university more apparent than in your financial contributions.

What change do you want to see in this world?

There are as many answers as there are individuals.

For the Sisters of Mercy, who founded Mount Mercy in 1928, it was uniting people with opportunity through education. It was a poor time to start a college, those years on the edge of the Great Depression. But according to Sister Mary Agnes Hennessey, Mount Mercy’s president from 1961-1977, Mount Mercy’s founders persevered.

Sister Mary Agnes Hennessey

With a pioneer spirit of deep faith and strong courage, they began the work because they believed in Christian education. Fully aware of the spiritual order, they chose to dedicate their talents unstintingly to plan a college wherein the spiritual might be integrated with the intellectual.