Donor Perspective

For some, it’s about “paying it forward” and providing for others the same opportunities that they themselves received. For others, it’s honoring the influence of a beloved teacher, mentor or family member. And for some people, it just feels like the right thing to do.

Whatever the motivation, supporting Mount Mercy is an acknowledgement of the transformative impact of the distinctive education provided on the Hill, where faith and values are blended with liberal arts learning and professional preparation.

Why give? Here are a few answers.

We’d love to hear yours. 



"Giving back to Mount Mercy allows me to play a small part in the continuous investment and evolution of our campus and programs - which in turn helps keep up with an ever changing employment landscape. Staying current and relevant ensures that future Mount Mercy alumni will enter a job market better prepared to make an impact on day one! Go Mustangs!"

Travis Albertson '10
Commodities Specialist
Van Meter Inc.