Named Scholarships

The generosity of alumni, parents, friends and employees, in providing Named Scholarships of $1,000 or more, helps make a Mercy education accessible and affordable for Mount Mercy students.

A – G

Adcraft Printing Company
Rachelle H. Baier
Carl Boehm Nursing
Elaine Boes Nursing
Elizabeth A. & James D. Byrnes Jr.
Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust
Cedar Service Company
Centro, Inc.
Carol Smith Coffland '71
CRST International
Tami & Todd Culver
Don Damsteegt MFT
Chris & Suzy DeWolf Family
Dickinson Developing Iowa
Jane F. Dorman Nursing
Julie Sparano Ebertsch
Fa-la-la-la Scholarship
Farmers State Bank
Judy Frenkel '71
Future Systems, Inc. General
Future Systems, Inc. Business
David M. Gibbs Nursing
Donald J. Gibbs Nursing
Gladys Jean Glaza
Lorraine A. & Taylor G. Golden
Ellen Grady-Mans '71
GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation

H – M

Leah Rae Hasley Highly
Hills Bank & Trust
William B. Hood
Mark & Sarah Hammond Huber
The Hurvis Family
Judi Jaksa Music
Johnson Gas Appliance Company
Steve and Mary Keane
Sara Kendall
Dean and Shirley Kent
Jennifer Koenighain Memorial
Jennifer Koenighain
Amy Law
J.W. & Patricia Lefebure
Dr. Mary Becker Lehner Education
Michael & Barbara Muehl Long '71
T. & L. Luka Future LEO
Patricia C. Maas JC'50
May G. Gorter Charitable Trust
Linda McCormick Memorial
Dr. Paula & Vincent McFadden
McInerney/McVeigh/Goddard Family
Barbara J. Miller
Modern Companies, Inc.
New Leader Manufacturing
Judith O'Donnell Memorial
Patricia Oliver '72
Hannah Joy Olson
Philip & Irine Olson
OPN Architects, Inc.

R – Z

Arline M. Paulsen
Delaine Bachman Petersen
Paul & Eleanor Phillips
Sharon Phillips
Piersall Law Firm
PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter
James & Bonnie Raasch
Richardson Family
John and Thelma Rife
Rohde Family Foundation
Dr. Quinn Saigh
McAuley Scholar sponsored by Rachel Sartin
Todd & Lara Schissel
Aurelia Schlader
Clair & Rita Kalb Memorial
Edward & Vivian Seng
Keith Smith '89
Solum Lang Architects
Barb Schumacher Soppe '71
Dorothy Wavra Taylor RN'45
Gallagher Family Foundation
McIntyre Foundation
United Fire
US Bank
Alice Swenka Vontalge '90
Wallace for Education
Rachel Katherine Young


To learn more about establishing a named scholarship at Mount Mercy, please contact:

Lonna Drewelow
Associate Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations
319-286-4408 |