Gender Studies Minor

Mount Mercy University’s flexible Gender Studies minor prepares students to become active advocates for social justice in their communities by putting knowledge into practice.

Our Gender Studies minor is interdisciplinary and multicultural by design, incorporating insights from the social sciences, humanities, arts, and natural sciences. Drawing on the conceptual, theoretical, and methodological tools of these diverse disciplines, Gender Studies explores the relationships between gender and race, class, sexuality, nation, religion, ability, and species.

Students should be prepared to examine the production of knowledge, question systems of power, privilege, and inequality, as well as explore the individual and collective forms of resistance and social activism that occur to bring about social justice.

Why minor in Gender Studies?

As a program that intersects with several different academic disciplines, a minor in Gender Studies complements many of MMU’s majors. The theories, concepts, and skills learned provide students with a better understanding of workplace relationships, diverse interactions, and global context—all valuable to employers and for building stronger communities.

What will I study in my Gender Studies minor?

Students who study Gender Studies choose classes in a variety of topics, including:

  • Introduction to Gender Studies
  • Introduction to Feminist Theories
  • Diversity and the Criminal Justice System
  • Writing and Gender Studies
  • Adolescent Psychology
  • 20th Century American History of Race and Gender
  • Diversity in America

Find a full list in our course catalog.

Unique from other programs in the region, Mount Mercy’s Gender Studies minor has a service-learning or internship component. As a junior or senior, you will have the opportunity to take classroom knowledge and apply it to a meaningful, impactful project—providing invaluable experience in any field that suites your interests.

 “A student interested in Gender Studies should have a critical eye for life and an interest in the production of knowledge and the creation of new ways of thinking about a subject. Mount Mercy is founded on a set of critical concerns, which include immigration, nonviolence, racism, and women. These values and concerns are at the heart of Gender Studies—and a student should feel called upon to take action and make social change.”

— Dr. Taylor Houston

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