Ritu Shandilya Headshot

Natural, Mathematics, & Computer Science

Ritu Shandilya

Associate Professor of Computer and Data Science


  • PhD, Iowa State University
  • Master of Technology, Shobhit University
  • Master in Computer Application, U.P Technical University
  • Bachelors in Science, Kurukshetra University


Dr. Ritu Shandilya joined Mount Mercy University in 2023 as the new Associate Professor of Computer and Data Science.

In addition to instructing at Mount Mercy, Dr. Shandilya is a technical advisor at eLegalls, LLC in Ames, Iowa, where she is responsible for advising and conducting research about machine learning. Dr. Shandilya is also a research co-founder of eFeed-Hungers.com, maintaining the strength of the system and co-authoring three research papers in the process. Her research for eFeed-Hungers has even led her to be featured on global news.

She also worked as a teaching assistant at Iowa State University where she received a Teaching Excellence Award. There, she instructed graduate classes on artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as teaching undergraduate students Python and MATLAB over the summers. Additionally, she was an independent researcher in Ames and a lecturer for both Shobhit University and Forte Institute of Technology in Meerut, India.

Dr. Shandilya served in many different committees and roles, such as a reviewer for Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems for Elsevier, a review editor for Frontiers, a program committee member at CBMS 2023 Main track, and as a reviewer for the International Journal of Spatio–Temporal Data Science (IJSTDS). She has also worked on a number of editorials and publications over the length of her career. Her biggest interests in her area of expertise are machine learning, recommender systems, applied machine learning in healthcare and the legal domain, big data, search engines, crawlers, data mining, and information assurance.

In her free time, Dr. Shandilya adores spending time with her two beautiful daughters and her proud husband. As a person in academics, Dr. Shandilya believes in continuous learning and is deeply convinced that hard work, supported by regularity, is the key to success.

  • Co-chair for special session: Technology & Law (Legal Informatics)- eLegalls: Moving Towards AI-enabled Improved Civil Justice System, 12thInternational Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving (SocPros 2023), Moving Towards Society 5.0, Springer, IIT Roorkee, 11-13th August 2023.
  • Guest Editor,Special Issue on Moving Towards AI-enabled Legal Applications and Improved Futuristic Legal Justice System, Technology and Law, Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, 2023
  • Guest Editor,Special Issue on Moving Towards AI-enabled Futuristic Civil Justice System, Laws Journal, MDPI, 2023
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