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Graduate Programs

Todd Hutcheson

Adjunct Faculty


  • MA University of Iowa
  • BA Western Illinois University


After 32 years of corporate experience at Collins Aerospace, Todd Hutcheson began as an adjunct at MMU in 2011, and became assistant professor and MBA program coordinator in 2018.

Hutcheson's purpose statement is “to help people become (even more) successful”, and his career has been structured to allow him to pursue that purpose. Prior to becoming a professor, Hutcheson gained 32 years of industry experience working for Collins Aerospace, one of the world’s leading commercial and defense aviation electronics and communications companies. Hutcheson is a seasoned change leader experienced in engaging all levels of an organization, leveraging experience in leadership development and management theory, as well as the knowledge of practical application in actual workplace situations. He is an experienced coach, mentor, educator and formal strategic workplace planner with strengths in verbal and written communication, motivation and relationship building.

Hutcheson is also the founder and head coach for DSB Solutions, an organization dedicated to providing hands-on consulting, coaching guidance, and targeted training experiences to customers in need of assistance in his areas of expertise. He has experience leading and working with successful teams across a broad spectrum of enterprise business functions. Having executed successfully in roles ranging from the factory floor to logistics and supply chain offices to project and program management, at organizational levels from line-level to senior executive, Todd brings a broad enterprise perspective to the analysis and solution of problems. 

At our Virtual Business & Leadership Conference, Hutcheson will present Develop a Successful Strategic Plan from a Distance.

Strategic Planning is important to all organizations because it provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals, guides day-to-day decisions and provides a baseline to and evaluating progress and changing approaches when moving forward.

Attempting to create, communicate and execute a strategic plan from a distance changes some of the dynamics of successfully completing this process. There are different considerations to take into account, different tools that could and should be used, and changes in the numbers and levels of an organization’s people that are involved at the various stages of the process. This session will attempt to outline the strategic planning process and changes necessary to successfully perform the strategic planning process from a distance.