Characterized by its emphasis on ethical and socially responsible leadership, the Mount Mercy MBA challenges students to think globally and strategically while using a multi-disciplinary approach to solving business problems.

Courses are structured to provide students with opportunities to work together with local businesses and non-profit organizations as clients. These real-world experiences help students develop leadership skills in the tradition of Mercy values.

Students must complete the following prerequisite courses prior to enrolling in MBA courses. The MBA Program Director may make exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis. Full details, including prerequisite course and equivalents offered at Mount Mercy is included in the Catalog

 Prerequisite Courses  |  21 credit hours

  1. Principles of Marketing (BK208)
  2. Principles of Management (BN204)
  3. Finite Math (MA130)
  4. Microeconomics (EC251)
  5. Principles of Accounting I (BC265)
  6. Principles of Accounting II (BC266)
  7. Business Statistics (BA270)

Core Requirements  |  36 credit hours

  1. Managerial Economics (EC580)
  2. Legal Environment of Business (BA500)
  3. Managerial Marketing (BK500)
  4. Statistics for Managerial Decision Making (BA505)
  5. Operations Management (BN510)
  6. Organizational Effectiveness (BN500)
  7. Corporate Financial Reporting (BC500)
  8. Managerial Finance (BC600)
  9. Business Ethics (BA515)
  10. The Global Business Environment (BA510)
  11. Strategic Human Resource Management (BN600)
  12. Business Policy Capstone (BN650)

Electives  |   Select three from the following list

  1. Entrepreneurial Endeavors
  2. Quantitative Methods for Management 
  3. Principles of Project Management 
  4. System Theory & Organizational Design 
  5. Sustainability
  6. Methods of Quality Management

Additional electives may be added to the schedule — check the current Catalog to see all elective offerings.

Emphasis Area Description of Requirements

For a student to earn an Emphasis area added to their transcript, they will need to complete the core requirements and the 4 electives as described below. 

Human Resources Emphasis

  1. Labor Economics
  2. Workplace Learning & Development
  3. Employment Law
  4. Systems Theory & Design

Quality Management Emphasis

  1. Methods of Quality Management
  2. Sustainability & Growth
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Systems Theory & Design