Adjunct Clinical Nursing Faculty Positions

Nursing Faculty Expectations

Clinical faculty in the department of nursing are expected to perform the following roles:

  • Participate in orientation to the clinical site and to the course in which the clinical is scheduled.
  • Adhere to the department recommendations and requirements of faculty in clinical settings.
  • Comply with regulations and policies of the clinical site.
  • Maintain appropriate skills for clinical nursing roles.
  • Communicate with clinical site managers and staff as needed.
  • Complete in-services and maintain certifications/qualifications as required by the institution where faculty serve as clinical instructors.
  • Adhere to the Department of Nursing dress code: professional business attire plus lab coat and badge for clinical assignments and professional nursing attire according to dress code at setting for clinical supervision.
  • Maintain consistent, essential lines of communication with the Course Coordinator and all students in the clinical group one is supervising.
  • Participate in scheduled course meetings as requested.
  • Conduct faculty supervision of students as directed by the Course Coordinator and as is appropriate for the level of student in a specific service area.
  • Provide timely feedback on student clinical and written work performance.
  • Provide consultation and guidance to students in one’s clinical group as needed or requested by individual students outside of clinical time. They are not expected to provide office hours on campus.

Specific hours, group size and duties will vary based upon the level/course involved. Faculty are paid an hourly wage that includes the actual clinical hours plus additional hours for orientation and responsibilities such as making assignments and evaluating written work. Interested nurses may contact the Department of Nursing at 319-363-8213 ext. 1510; they will be directed to the appropriate faculty member for more information regarding available positions.


  • Current Iowa licensure as Registered Nurse
  • Current American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) certification
  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Master’s degree preferred
  • If teaching in the classroom, a Master’s degree is required
  • Two years nursing experience post-graduation
  • Contractual agreement with individual or agency as specified by assignment

To Apply

Copy of nursing license, current resume, and highest degree transcripts should be sent to the Mount Mercy University Human Resouces Office at