Applied Management

The applied management major has been designed for students transferring to Mount Mercy from a two-year institution who have a background in a technical specialty.

The major provides students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of business environments and to understand and manage the forces of change affecting organizations in a business environment. The applied management major prepares students for a broad variety of career options by building on their previous technical training and/or work experience.

With a degree in applied management, a person can work in a managerial capacity within the financial, manufacturing, retailing, or service sectors. First year graduates report a median starting salary of $30,000-35,000. 

What Our Business Graduates Say...

"I am a Team Leader in the Cedar Rapids General Mills Cereal Department. I have been working for General Mills for close to four years.  In my role I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of the department. The critical component of my job is ensuring that we are meeting our production and business goals. This includes managing people, production systems, and the supply chain. 

My education at Mount Mercy helped me prepare for my role at General Mills in many ways. The education I received provided me with a strong business understanding which is critical to performing my job. Going to Mount Mercy also allowed me to closely interact with my professors, which allowed me to get more out of my education.  This type of interaction is one of the benefits that Mount Mercy has over bigger schools."

- Eric Baldonado (BBA '06) Team Leader, General Mills 

What Our Faculty Say...

“The applied management major gives students the tools they need to effectively manage not only the human aspect of a business, but the entire endeavor. Students receive a well-rounded foundation that gives them the tools they need to step into any business and successfully manage multiple functions.”

CoD Business '20