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MMU Sweethearts

Dani (Anderson) Pershing '07 Jason Pershing '07

The story of how Jason and Dani met was intertwined with basketball, family and Mount Mercy. Jason graduated in December of ’03--during Dani’s Freshman year. They both played basketball at Mount Mercy and often saw each other at Hennessey Rec Center --but this isn’t how they officially met.
In December of ‘04 Jason began coaching at Xavier High School (Dani’s Alma Mater). Dani’s younger brother Todd played on the Sophomore basketball team where Jason was the assistant coach. Todd invited Dani and her friends to come watch a game and meet Jason, his assistant coach. Later on in December, Dani came to watch a game— but still didn’t get a chance to meet Jason. Later that night, Todd told Dani that she should call Jason, but it never happened. Then, Todd and his teammate Eddie, told Jason to call Dani. Eventually they got her on the phone, and Jason invited Dani over for a date. She accepted and the rest is history.
Since graduation, Dani and Jason have continued to stay involved with their alma mater. Dani was the assistant coach for Women’s Basketball, and has taught fitness classes to staff and current students. Jason has ran the Men’s Basketball College Summer League for over 7 years now.


Carrie (Weber) Clouse '11 Dan Clouse '11

We met in the fall of our freshman year (2007) in an honors writing class. We had some mutual friends who ate lunch together most days, so we started getting to know each other when we ate lunch with that group. During the spring semester of our freshman year (2008), we had another class together and, due to changing schedules, began eating lunch with just the two of us. We stayed in touch over the summer and then took another class together during the fall of our sophomore year (2008). Over Christmas break we talked almost every day and finally during the J-term of our sophomore year (2009) we began dating.
Our favorite places to spend time together was in the library, where we could do homework and study together, and the Hill Top. We dated for five years during which time we both graduated from Mount Mercy (2011), Carrie with degrees in accounting, finance, and management, and Dan with a criminal justice and political science degree; Carrie graduated from the University of Iowa in 2012 with a Master’s in Accounting, and Dan graduated from Drake University in 2014 with a law degree. We got married in May 2014 and recently welcomed our daughter, Gwendolyn Olivia Clouse, in June 2018.


Emily (Greiner) Misener '12 '16 MBA Jacob Misener '15

Our Paths Crossed: April 30, 2011. Love at first shot? In a location they ended up spending a lot of time together, the Mount Mercy gym, Jacob fell in love with Emily’s jump shot.

Our First Conversation: October 15, 2011. Both secretly crushing on each other, they found a quiet couch at a party and found something they had in common to talk about. Emily broke the ice by pointing out that they ironically had the same scar on the top of their right hand. Jacob found common ground with conversing about their fear of needles. We know…super intriguing conversation, but hey it worked!

Our First Date: July 14, 2012. Jacob hit a game-winning three with this date—a secret from the very beginning—and Emily was told to wear something nice. He planned a dinner at a new restaurant in town, Lava Fusion, and a walk along the lake, wrapping up the night with an acoustic show performed by his brother Josh and LD Kidd at Bricks downtown.

The ‘I Know’ Moment: October 15, 2015. Jacob was sitting in a coaching authorization class when something came over him. God said, “Marry this girl.” The rest was history…

Our Engagement: April 8, 2016. Just another Friday turned into the day Emily had been wishing for since she was a little girl. A Misener BBQ was a typical occurrence for Jacob and Emily, and typical is what Jacob needed. Since their lives are so intertwined, anything out of the ordinary would bring on questions from Emily. Jacob had a job for everyone, and everyone knew their role (he made sure of it…haha). A surprise visit from Emily’s family had her standing up in confusion, turning to find Jacob on one knee expressing his love. Tears shed, champagne popped, and an engagement party followed. The perfect day.


Alyssa Bakke Wery '11 Weston Wery '12

Wes and I met during the summer of 2009. I moved back home for the summer. One evening I was on Facebook, and I came across recent Florida pictures of Wes and his family. It looked identical to the area I recently visited and I was interested to see if he had a great time. I ended up private messaging him and striking up a conversation. We started dating July 2009. I was a nursing student and he was a criminal justice major. I could not have asked for a better person to support me with the stresses the nursing program can bring. Wes proposed April 2011. I was working Lundy that night and he arranged for Kelsey Hansen (’11) to work my shift. He took me out to our favorite Chinese restaurant. We ended up not eating our fortune cookies because Wes stated he wanted to try them with melted chocolate in the middle. We were always up for trying new things! (and still are!) We came back to Mount Mercy. I went back to my room to change into comfy clothes and I told him I would be down in a bit. When I arrived, he led me into his room where there were chocolate covered strawberries—and our fortune cookies. We had our fortune cookies first. (He told me the chocolate idea didn't work.) I opened mine and read the fortune: “Alyssa will you marry me?” We married in October 2012 here in Cedar Rapids. We have a daughter, Lillyan (3). I currently work as an RN at Mercy Medical Center–Pediatric Cardiology Clinic. Wes works as a police officer for Cedar Rapids.


Kathleen French Stone  '64 Lee Stone

In 1960 I entered Mount Mercy and made friends with a classmate, Joyce Martin ’64. She married Dennis Dunahugh in 1962. I poured coffee at the reception; Lee was Dennis’ friend, and he was an usher. He picked me up that snowy day in February, and after the wedding took me back to Mount Mercy. Fast forward to June… I went to Joyce and Dennis’ apartment and Lee was there. A year later we were engaged on June 6, 1963 and married October 12, 1963. We have 3 adopted children, have lived in Minnesota, Florida, and North Carolina, and have been married 53 years. We are the best of friends!


Marie (Keller) Appel  '06 Travis Appel '16

We didn't technically meet at Mount Mercy. It was shortly after I graduated that I met Travis through an online dating site. Life has taken us on a great journey over the last 11 years we've been together—including him deciding he wanted to pursue a bachelor's degree as an adult. It worked out nice that my alma mater happened to be the place for him to attend as well. We were married in November 2007 in Las Vegas. We are raising three children together, and hopefully we have some future Mustangs in the making.


Lindsey (Kramer) Eagle '09 Travis Eagle '09

Freshman year, I noticed a girl who was always wearing sweatpants with flip flops and a messy bun around campus and somehow still looked beautiful. I worked for facilities replacing light bulbs, and she and her roommate said they needed help with a light in their room (it was a plastic Walmart floor lamp). That gave me the confidence to know she wanted to spend time with me, as I hoped she wasn't too dumb to replace a bulb in a floor lamp… lol. Before Valentine's Day '06 I slid a note under her door inviting her to have her heart broken in Tiger Woods in my dorm room (classy, I know). We talked that night until my RA kicked her out for curfew, then we talked on our room phone until the next morning. That was 11 years ago this Valentine's Day. We got married the summer that we graduated (June '09) and now have 3 amazing boys (Joey 5, Tommy 3, Mikey 9mo).

Mount Mercy is responsible for much more than my degree.


Tracy (Clouse) Eilers '06 Scott Eilers '06

Scott and I met as psychology majors at Mount Mercy. We both graduated in 2006 and went on to attend grad school at UNI. After graduating in 2008, we got married and had our wedding in the Mount Mercy Chapel! It was very special getting married at the same place we met and made so many memories together. After moving to Minnesota for Scott to get his doctorate and two children later, we are now back in Iowa, happily married and raising our family. We look back on all of our Mount Mercy memories very fondly.


Jamie (Tieskoetter) Feuerbach '99 AJ Feuerbach '94

Many friends from the Dyersville area at Mount Mercy had told me about the St. Patrick's Day celebration [in Dyersville] and asked me to go with them to it. I went and had a great time. As the night was coming to an end, I met a very cute blonde at the last stop of the day. Jamie Tieskoetter said she went to Mount Mercy, had been to gatherings at my off-campus home, and knew my name was A.J. I thought she was great and asked her out on a date back in Cedar Rapids. She accepted my offer, and we have been together 22 years and married for 20 with three children, ages 14, 11, and 6.


Amy (Osenbaugh) Brinkmeyer '94 Corey Brinkmeyer '98

We met during volleyball & soccer pre-season in 1993. Our first kiss was in the McAuley stairway (which we remind our children of whenever we can)! We didn’t begin dating until April of 1994, one month before I graduated. We both thought this was just a fling. Our sons, Graham & Mitchell, were named after the coaches we had at Mount Mercy.


Carla (Eich) Knutsen '98 Michael Knutsen '99

Our story begins on the 2nd or 3rd day of Freshman Orientation, 20 years ago. Floor mates convinced Carla to go square dancing in the old Regina/McAuley cafeteria. We partnered up for part of the activity and found out we had an English Comp class together later in the week. By October 1994 we were a couple. We married in 2000, after I went to grad school, and three of our closest friends from Mount Mercy were in our wedding. The picture is from our 15 year anniversary. We have twins who are 8 years old and talk fondly to them about our years at Mount Mercy.


Kris Killius  '96 Sherry (Nurre) Killius '96

We met during Freshman orientation in 1992. Along with the help of our friends, we supported each other through the nursing program. We were both blessed to have many of our eternal Mount Mercy friends in attendance of our wedding. We both joined the Air Force shortly after graduation. Today, we are on the doorstep of retirement with hopes and plans of returning home to our friends and family!


Joe Nietert '03 Amber (Knecht) Nietert '04

We met as incoming freshmen in Fall 1999 and began dating in Summer 2000. Our favorite hangout was the Irish Democrat. We were married July 9th, 2005, and have 2 boys (Payson and Brekin). Amber teaches first grade and Joe is an assistant principal.


Michelle (Foster) Lahner '08 Nathan Lahner '08

We were Mount Mercy sweethearts! We started hanging out in the spring of 2007. We were introduced through mutual friends. One day he walked by the Lundy desk and asked me if I was going to the Irish Fling event in the Penthouse. I decided to head up there, even though I hadn't planned on it. He sang a few songs to me and the rest is history!


Julie (Heider) Weldon '94 Patrick Weldon '94

Patrick Weldon '94 and Julie Heider '94 met when Casey Tauber '94 and Patrick needed to borrow Julie's religion notes after missing class because of a Mustang baseball game. Being avid Cubs fans, the 3 of them had lots in common to talk about. Patrick and Julie officially started dating in January of 1992 and married four years later. They will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary this summer!


Jenny (Smith) Whitters '02 Andy Whitters '04

One cold night in December 1999, Andy walked through Lundy Commons where Jen worked and eventually asked if she would go on a date with him. She responded, "How about tonight?" Andy joined Jen on The Mount in 2000. They married on June 19th. Andy is a nurse practitioner, and Jen is a special education teacher. Their sons are Colin and Lucas.


Miranda (McGrane) Arends '00 Jason Arends '01

We met at transfer student orientation in January of 1999. Miranda was volunteering; Jason was transferring. After that we ran into each other quite a bit in our separate friend groups at the Hilltop Grill, at baseball games, and in Hennessey. We officially started dating in July of 1999, engaged in February of 2000, and were married in July of 2001. Many of our Mount Mercy friends were part of our wedding celebrations. Since then we have traveled the country, put our roots down here in CR, and now have a 2-year-old daughter named Ariel who keeps us very busy.


Sarah (Murphy) Fowler '82 Steve Fowler '81

Steve Fowler class of 1981 and Sarah Murphy class of 1982. Engaged March of 1982. The picture is Sarah and Steve celebrating the engagement off campus at her place.

The couple was brought together by another MMC couple—Tom Kenney class of 1981 and Melanie Sonja class of 1982. Sarah met Steve on a snack run freshman year when Melanie wanted to see her boyfriend, Tom, in the student union. Sarah was told Tom had a friend named Teata she should meet. “What kind of name is Teata?” Sarah thought, but she went anyway. Dating was off and on, but Steve persisted. He said he knew they would marry when he met her. It was Sarah’s junior year and when he was to graduate that she found out he had a REAL name, Steve. Sarah and Steve married October 9, 1982, because at the time Steve lived and worked in Colorado and those long distance phone bills were adding up. The couple has been happily married 34+ years.


Sara (Ford) Todd '83 Dale Todd '82

One afternoon I walked into the Student Union to kill time, and I heard Bruce Springsteen playing on the union's stereo system. Like an arrogant senior (which I was), I asked the young woman behind the counter if it was her playing the Springsteen music? She said yes, then I asked if she knew anything about him? Expecting to hear a rambling answer in reply, she rattled off a litany of songs that displayed her depth and appreciation of his music, more thorough than someone who listened to his top forty hits—she was obviously someone who got it. I immediately took note.

Today, after a lifetime of incredible moments, many around the love that we both find in the music of Bruce Springsteen, Sara remains my rock. And to think if it had not been for that one moment…


Alyssa (Drolema) Hatfield '09 Brett Hatfield '08

Our story starts in prison, well touring Anamosa Prison. We had many criminal justice classes together, but toured the Anamosa Prison as part of our Criminal Justice Club together. That’s when we started talking more and more, until we finally went on our first "real" date July 2007. We were married in April 2015 and live in Bettendorf, Iowa. Brett is a police officer with the City of Davenport, Iowa, and Alyssa is a legal assistant.


Sara (Reynolds) Hubbell '08 Eric Hubbell '06

Eric and I went to high school together, but didn't start dating until college. We were both working at Hennessey at the time. One day, he sent me a text message when I was walking to class that read, "you should see this good-looking blonde walking in front of me." I know that sounds cheesy, but if you could've seen me that day you would understand why it was so funny. I was recovering from a shoulder surgery, and was in a big, bulky shoulder immobilizer... trying to haul my books to one of my nursing classes. He made me feel pretty special that day. We have been together ever since. This coming September, we will celebrate nine years of marriage. We have two little girls, Lola and Cohyn, and are enjoying building a life together.


Aleesa (Huebner) Kittrell '10 Blake Kittrell '10

Blake and I met our first semester at Mount Mercy through mutual friends, and then ended up in the same biology lab group! Throughout the demands of nursing school, it was great to have someone who understood the hectic schedules and who shared your goals. We were married in 2011 and now have two children, Briella (4) and Bennett (2). I work as a professor of nursing and Blake owns and coaches for Kids First Gymnastics.


Larry Johnston '02 Allison (Hoppmann) Johnston '03

We met as biology students and athletes in Fall 1999, began dating in November of 2001 and married in Negril, Jamaica on June 10, 2005. We moved to Oklahoma and our son Cohen was born in 2007. Our second child is due May 2016.


Amy (Chelf) Veit '96 Nick Veit '97

My husband Nick and I met at Mount Mercy in the fall of 1994. We had pathophysiology together and he was friends with my roommates. We were married in August of 1998. Kris Killius and Sherry Nurre (who were roommates of ours and are also now married) were in our wedding.


Tina Dighton Richter '00 Jason Richter '98

We met at Mount Mercy in 1996. I was a junior and my wife was a first-year student. She wasn't going to any of the orientation events and I kept harassing her to go to something. Of course my harassment continued and finally we started to date. We did everything together those final two years I was there. Two years later when Tina was a senior I proposed to her on the hill behind the Busse Center overlooking Cedar Rapids. She said yes of course.


Brandon Bradley '07 Amber (Hilsman) Bradley '08

We met off-campus at a baseball gathering in 2005 and enjoyed spending time together between classes at the Hill Top. We continue to live in the Cedar Rapids area with our two children, Alaina and Elliott. Brandon works as an Operations Manager at CRST and Amber works as a Social Worker for United Healthcare.


Katie (Smith) Sargent '07 Jake Sargent '08

Jake and I were both athletes at Mount Mercy. We had friends that we each played our respective sport with who thought we would be a good match. One blind date, many Mustang sporting events, 10 years, two states and one son later we are happily married!


Rachel (Tiernan) Tegeler '03 David Tegeler '92

David and Rachel began the year on the Residence Life staff. They spent a lot of time together because of the duties involved with the residence life staff. That same year, David talked Rachel into going on the Christmas Appalachia service trip, where they would fall in love. They married in September 1993. David Sullivan who also was on the residence life staff with them was a groomsman. Jennifer (Trapp) Addante '94, Rachel's senior-year roommate, was a bridesmaid. The bridal shower was in the Penthouse and many of the couple's Mount Mercy friends attended the wedding.


Laura (Schneiter) Swift '02 Jeff Swift '03

After handing Jeff keys at the information desk and a bit of research, Laura finally asked Jeff to stay after her roommate's birthday party. The couple had a lot in common; catholic, came from big families and various interests. Laura was SOLD! They started spending all of their free time together and both felt like they'd found their future spouse.Jeff proposed at one of their favorite places, Palisades-Kepler State Park. Laura and Jeff are going on 14 years of marriage and have been nlessed with seven wonderful children.


Susan Wolff McCarville '81 Steven McCarville '81

Susan Wolff McCarville ’81 and Steven McCarville ’81 married three months after graduation and have four wonderful children, two great daughters-in-law, and two beautiful granddaughters. Sue is a RN at Children's Hospital and Steve is a teacher at Holy Name in Omaha.


Katie (Eschweiler) Mallie '06 Dustin Mallie '05

We were acquaintances during our time at Mount Mercy, but didn't really know each other very well. In the summer of 2006, fellow Mount Mercy alums Steven Anderson and Andrea (Terrones) Anderson got married. I was a groomsman in the wedding, and Katie was a guest there as well. That night, we ended up dancing and talking together for most of the night. The rest is history, you might say. We got married in 2008, with several fellow Mustangs by our sides as groomsmen and bridesmaids. We have 3 children — Grace (7), Jack (5), and Nora (7 months).


Lisa (Goedken) Meyers '89 Tom Meyers '91

In April 1989, my senior year at Mount Mercy, my work-study assignment was in the Student Union. A lot of the commuter students were in there, when not in class, to watch TV, eat lunch and study. I got to know some of them pretty well, including a dear friend and now angel, Scott Whitford, who asked me to join his co-ed intramural softball team.

Little did I know, he was not creating this team because of his love for softball, but to help his friend ask me out. Tom Meyers was a quiet commuter student and also a very good friend of Scott’s. Everyone on the team, except me, knew that once Tom asked me out, we would no longer practice but just play the games. I pitched slow pitch softball in a league in high school, so I was our pitcher and Scott made sure that at practices Tom was the catcher. I could not figure out why, because in the game Tom would be playing shortstop.

Our first game was rained out, and Scott said we all needed to go to Tic Toc and eat. So, off we went and Tom ended up sitting by me. That quiet guy from the Student Union became increasingly talkative, and right before we left, after Scott whispered something to him, he asked me to go to eat that week. As soon as I said “Yes” Scott said, “We are only playing games now.” Everyone cheered, and my memory of the softball season fades and our love story begins.

Tom and I were married on June 15, 1991, and 25 years later are the proud parents of our own little Mustang. Sarah is a sophomore nursing student, and I’m proud to say she attends Mount Mercy University. Her older brother, David, will graduate from Drake Law School in December. All because two people went to Mount Mercy and had friends who created an intramural softball team so they could meet and fall in love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Alyssa (Dickhoff) Phillips '15 Bradley Phillips '14

This is the story of 2015 grad Alyssa Dickhoff and 2014 grad Bradley Phillips (who graduated a year early).

We met sophomore year in McAuley on the coed floor. It started slowly and secretly. Bradley would walk by Alyssa's room and say hi to her; Alyssa loved to sing and had the voice of an angel! Alyssa's funky personality and beautiful voice attracted Bradley to become more interested. One day, Alyssa and her nursing classmates were practicing taking heart rates in the hallway of McAuley, and that's when Bradley started making a move. He had Alyssa practice on him—from there they were better friends. Alyssa's roommate (Haley Graham) and Bradley would talk about politics and classes, and the three became friends. The coed floor was a tight knit floor.

Bradley started hanging with Haley and Alyssa, watching movies with them. Bradley asked Alyssa out to some FroYo at Orange Leaf and to the movie "The Call."

Bradley eventually asked Alyssa out on April Fools Day 2013. It was incredibly cheesy and included a cookie cake with Elvis and Priscilla and Bradley and Alyssa. The cookie asked Alyssa to be Bradley's Priscilla. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Bradley proposed to Alyssa in Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee on January 23, 2015.

Bradley and Alyssa bought their first puppy (A cavachon named Presley James Phillips).

Bradley and Alyssa bought their first house together on January 20, 2016.

Bradley and Alyssa married on June 18, 2016.

The rest is history.

Mount Mercy is a place that we will always cherish. It's not just a place I met my soul mate, but it's a symbol of family.

Bradley's brother and sister-in-Law both graduated from Mount Mercy (Ryan and Marissa Phillips).

Alyssa's cousin graduated from Mount Mercy (Nicole Ries).

Now, Bradley's roommates in college and us are best of friends. There is a group of 11 of us that hang out on a regular basis. Four of the friends are now couples that met at Mount Mercy who will be married Fall 2017.

Mount Mercy helped connect two soulmates destined for each other, brought a group of friends who will always cherish each other and Mount Mercy, and started a family tradition for the Phillips'.

Photo Credit: Frees Frame Photography


Jennifer (Jevne) Sullivan '96 Brian Sullivan '95

We are not sure when we actually first met on campus, but we really got to know each other in Investments class Jenn's junior year. A wager was made about who could do better on a test, and for once in his life, Brian studied! (And won the bet.)

We started dating in March of 1995, dated while Jenn went to law school at University of Iowa, and got married in August of 2000. Our wedding party included other Mount Mercy College alums: Jeff Lippert and Cody Estling (who are married to Amy and Michelle, also MMC alums and Jenn's personal attendants) as well as Amanda (Suhr) Pitts & Ramona (Suhr) Maresh.

After living in the Twin Cities for 14 years, we are now at home in Decorah with four very active kids. We both have nothing but great memories about our time at MMC!


Justin Waring '10 Keely (Danielsen) Waring '12

We both ran track. Keely ran cross country and Justin would hang out with some of the cross country people. It all began there! The next year Justin came out for cross country. We got to spend more time together at all the practices and meets. We have been married 3 years now and have a 9 month old son, Casen!


Marcel Kielkucki '02 Sarah (Schulz) Kielkucki '03

We met when Sarah was locked out of her room. Marcel came to let her in and just about made her cry -- yet she still decided to marry him! Ten Mount Mercy alumni joined and Fr. Jim Brokmann concelebrated our wedding.

♥ ♥ ♥