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Expand your career opportunities and enjoy the advantages of being bilingual.

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Earning a minor in Spanish at Mount Mercy University gives you a solid cultural foundation and the communications skills you’ll need to reach your goals. With the United States’ — and Iowa’s — Spanish-speaking population growing, the ability to speak Spanish is a desirable asset to employers. Human resources, education, nursing, criminal justice and marketing are just a few professions where bilingual employees are in high demand.


Open your mind to a whole new perspective. 

Mount Mercy's Spanish minor is based on the Standards for Foreign Language Learning. Students who minor in Spanish take a variety of engaging courses, including Writing and Composition, Conversation, Culture and Civilization, and Introduction to Hispanic Literature. Upon completion, students are able to:

  • Communicate effectively in Spanish
  • Understand the cultures of Spanish speakers
  • Connect Spanish with other majors
  • Make informed comparisons of language and cultures

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Knowing another language helps us understand the world as a whole and broaden our horizons as individuals.

Mariah Cary '13
Public Relations

Careers in Spanish

Work and communicate with people of diverse backgrounds.

With the growing Latino population in the United States — and in Iowa — multilingualism is one of the biggest stand-outs one can offer a prospective employer.

Mount Mercy's Spanish graduates have found success in careers like:

  • Secondary education
  • Nursing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Marketing
  • Business administration

Broaden your horizons.

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