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Science Marketing

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The forefront of scientific discovery

No other program in Iowa offers this unique set of science marketing skills.

It happens every day. Scientists uncover earth-shattering, ground-breaking, mind-boggling new discoveries that leave us at a loss for words.

Mount Mercy's major in science marketing helps you analyze those new findings, put words to fresh ideas, and refine your abilities to share science's evolving narrative with the world.

Our hybrid science marketing program blends science skills with marketing prowess. Insightful marketing experts and research leading scientists round out our compassionate faculty who prioritize your academic success and prepare you for sales and marketing careers with chemical, agricultural, engineering, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

The education is fantastic, but even beyond that—Mount Mercy will support you, allow you to find yourself, and provide you with the foundation to be successful.

Mike Wehr '03
Chief Operating Officer | Big Grove Brewery


Apply the concepts from both fields in a truly integrated approach.

Foundational biology and chemistry courses teach you the fundamentals of science while business courses teach you to employ the rudiments of consumer marketing. Science marketing is the perfect major for students who love science, building business relationships, and communicating clearly and persuasively.

At Mount Mercy, you gain experience through community collaboration, job shadowing, club activities and becoming a part of our tight-knit, fun-loving campus community committed to meaningful service and community engagement.

What courses will I take?

Science Marketing Major

CH 111General Chemistry I4.5
CH 112General Chemistry II4.5
BI 125Foundations of Biology & Scientific Inquiry I3
BI 125LBiostatistics and Scientific Investigation I1.5
BI 126Foundations of Biology & Scientific Inquiry II4.5
BK 208Principles Of Marketing3
BK 305Professional Selling3
BK 421Marketing Internship3
Choose Four of the Following:16.5-19.5
Must be at least one from BI and CH
BI 243
BI 273
Human Anatomy
BI 274
Human Physiology
BI 303
BI 315
General Microbiology
BI 370
Cell and Molecular Biology
BI 374
Integrated Physiology
CH 211
Organic Chemistry I
CH 212
Organic Chemistry II
CH 251
Analytical Chemistry
CH 302
CH 334
Instrumental Analysis
CH 370
Physical Chemistry
Choose Two of the Following:6
BA 250
Technology & Communication In Business
BK 300
Advertising and Creative Campaign Strategies
BK 301
Product, Brand and Category Management
BK 331
Retail Management
BK 335
Tradeshow and Event Planning
BK 340
Contemporary Topics In Marketing
Total Hours49.5-52.5

The following is the typical sequence of courses required for the major*:

CH 1114.5Domain3CH 1124.5
BI 1253 BI 1264.5
BI 125L1.5 Writing Competency4
Math Competency4 CO 1013
 16 3 16
Science Elective4.5Elective or Domain3Science Elective4.5
BK 2083 Science Elective4.5
Elective3 Business Elective3
Domain3 Domain 3
 13.5 3 15
Science Elective4.5Elective3Business Elective3
BK 3053 Domain3
Elective3 Elective3
Domain3 Elective3
 13.5 3 12
BK 421 (or Elective)3Elective3ME 4501
Elective3 BK 421 (or Elective)3
Elective3 Elective3
Domain3 Elective3
 12 3 13
Total Hours: 123

Note: Elective courses could be used for a second major, a minor, a course of interest, internship or study abroad experience.

Note: See the Curriculum section for more information on Portal, Competency, Domain, and Capstone courses.


The course offerings, requirements, and policies of Mount Mercy University are under continual examination and revision. This Catalog presents the offerings, requirements, and policies in effect at the time of publication and in no way guarantees that the offerings, requirements, and policies will not change.

This plan of study represents a typical sequence of courses required for this major. It may not be applicable to every student. Students should contact a department faculty member to be sure of appropriate course sequence.

Careers in science marketing

Our graduates are in demand by many local employers.

The Cedar Rapids to Iowa City “Corridor” is home to many STEM-based businesses that employ a STEM-educated workforce.

Mount Mercy graduates with a bachelor of science in science marketing are prepared for careers relating to new and emerging technologies involving anything from biomedical endeavors and pharmaceuticals to renewable energy/fuels, biodegradable/eco-friendly cleaning products, and water supply and management. 

Graduates from Mount Mercy have found a range of positions:

  • Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Account Manager, Hadsell Chemical
  • Research Merchandiser, Procter & Gamble
  • Glaucoma Sales Representative, Alcon, A Novartis Division
  • Territory Manager, Boston Scientific
  • Specialty Sales Representative, VITAS Healthcare
  • Midwest Regional Manager, Medtronic
  • Account Executive, CVS Caremark Corporation

What are the next steps?

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