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Integrating personal experience with philosophical reflection.

Answer the most important questions of human existence

This major provides a flexible framework for students interested in philosophical questions. The applied philosophy major emphasizes critical thinking and practical ethics, and thus is designed to be a useful second major, which becomes the area of 'application' for interdisciplinary study in the student's senior research.

The philosophy faculty must approve all programs in applied philosophy. The approval procedure requires that each student complete a plan for the major which must explain the reasons why he/she is undertaking this program and include a list of the courses to be taken in philosophy and from other departments.


Think deeply and carefully about important issues.

Students are engaged in one-on-one mentorship with faculty members who guide you in developing a personalized program of study based on your interests and goals. Courses also help you answer some of the most debated questions of human existence: How do we know what we know? What does it mean to exist, to be human? Does God exist? How can we live ethically?

Philosophy students work directly with a faculty member on a major interdisciplinary research project during their senior year. You’ll learn to articulate your own philosophical positions with clarity and depth both in writing and speech.

Recent research projects include:

  • The ethics of cloning humans
  • An examination of the ethics of intellectual property issues like copying software
  • Ethical standards in journalism
  • An ethical examination of human resources theories

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By learning to think critically about the political, economic, social, and religious systems of our culture, we can reclaim an authentic version of ourselves.

Rev. Scott Jamieson ’01
Founding pastor, Church Of Another Chance

Careers in Philosophy

Apply your critical, ethical thinking skill set.

The most obvious career path in philosophy is graduate school and then professorship.  However, philosophy students generally excel at a variety of skills, including critical and higher-order thinking, finding key concepts in the midst of complex information, evaluating ideas, clarifying ethical dimensions, and communicating effectively. As a result, our majors have succeeded in graduate schools in many disciplines, especially law school.  In addition, philosophy students have found that these skills have contributed to their success in whatever field they enter.

Philosophy majors are also employed locally at:

  • Mercy Medical Center
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Horizons: A Family Service Alliance
  • Area Substance Abuse Council
  • Brucemore historic site and community cultural center 

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