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Interested in history?

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Investigate the social and economic influences from the beginnings of civilization to the present.

Cultural development of a diverse history

With a major or minor in history at Mount Mercy, you develop the skills needed to adapt to an ever-changing workforce. As you investigate a diverse spectrum of social, economic, political and cultural developments and make connections between historical events and our contemporary world, you’ll also refine your reading, writing, researching, speaking and critical thinking skills.

Our history program offers a broad range of courses, including both Western and non-Western history. What’s more, our faculty pride themselves on giving students highly individualized attention while ensuring students reach both their academic and career goals.


Built on interactive experiences.

The history major serves as preparation for careers in education, business, journalism, government, and historic preservation as well as entrance into graduate and law school. The history minor provides an opportunity for students to combine an interest in history with one of the institution’s other majors.

As a supplement to their classroom experiences, history students will have the opportunity to do independent study, internships, and to avail themselves of travel courses offered during Winter Term and some summer sessions.

Students in this major acquire knowledge that enables them, for example, to: demonstrate their grasp of historical methodology; gain a deeper understanding of the social, economic, political, and cultural development of diverse people; and connect major historical events to our contemporary world.

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Careers in History

The diverse curriculum opens doors to many career paths.

The history major serves as preparation for careers in education, business, journalism, government, library science, and historic preservation, as well as entrance into graduate and law schools. Recent graduates from Mount Mercy currently work in a variety of fields, including:

  • Secondary History Education
  • Law
  • Business and Marketing
  • Historic Preservation

Learn the past to understand the future.

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