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Gender Studies

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Become an active advocate for social justice

Gain a better understanding of diverse interactions and global context.

Our Gender Studies minor is interdisciplinary and multicultural by design, incorporating insights from the social sciences, humanities, arts, and natural sciences.

Drawing on the conceptual, theoretical, and methodological tools of these diverse disciplines, Gender Studies explores the relationships between gender and race, class, sexuality, nation, religion, ability, and species.

Studying diversity also opens your eyes to a lot of social inequalities that aren’t talked about. In my career, I hope to expand what’s being taught to include more marginalized voices.


Students should be prepared to examine the production of knowledge, question systems of power, privilege, and inequality, as well as explore the individual and collective forms of resistance and social activism that occur to bring about social justice.

What courses will I take?

Gender Studies Minor 

SO 200Introduction to Gender Studies3
SO 300Introduction to Feminist Theories3
SO 310Sociology of Sexuality3
Independent Study in Gender Studies1
SO 445
Independent Study in Sociology
Choose Three of the Following:9
BN 360
Business & Society
CJ 365
Diversity and the Criminal Justice System
CJ 380
Sex Offenders
ED 379
Human Relations
EN 112
Writing And Gender Studies
EN 180
Introduction to Literature and Gender
EN 181
Introduction to LGBTQ Literature
GS 115
Women's Health
GS 195
Men's Health
HI 306
20th Century American History of Race and Gender
PS 214
Psychology of the Middle School Student
or PS 215
Adolescent Psychology
SO 202
Marriage & the Family: Intimate Relationships
SO 235
Social Inequalities
SO 330
Global Race Relations
SW 250
Human Sexuality
SW 265
Diversity in America
Total Hours19

Academic Requirements

Of the 3 electives, 2 must be a 200 designation or higher and they must all be from different programs. No more than one course from other institutions or study abroad programs may be transferred toward the minor. Minors are encouraged to include a gender-related Winter term course in their course of study. Students must earn at least a C in all courses applied to the minor. 

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