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Fitness & Wellness Management

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Discover our Bachelor of Fitness & Wellness Management

Learn across disciplines.

As a fitness & wellness management major, you’ll integrate biology, exercise science, psychology, and business with knowledge of physical activity, fitness, and all-inclusive health.

Acquire skills in marketing, leadership and management, communications as well as a grounding in finance and accounting. A broad knowledge of business operations will ensure success for future professionals. Gain real-world experience through an industry internship in your final year.

This program readies you for a graduate program or a career in the fitness/health industry, sports organizations, health facilities, spas, or resorts.

Become a Certified Personal Trainer

Put your education to work.

The fitness & wellness management major is grounded in application-based learning. This hands-on approach draws a clear line between what you’re learning and your future career.

This program offers a unique opportunity to become a Certified Personal Trainer following completion of EX 300 Principles of Personal Training.  This certification allows you to practice as a professional personal trainer prior to graduation.

What will you learn?

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge in disciplines pertaining to biology, exercise science, fitness, wellness, and health
  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge in disciplines pertaining to accounting, advertising, business, management, and marketing
  • Successfully determine and apply evidence-based practice in fitness and wellness fields
  • Apply knowledge required to evaluate and advance health, wellness, and human performance in diverse populations
  • Evaluate sociocultural factors relating to fitness and wellness, including barriers to success and healthful living in diverse populations
  • Apply fitness, wellness, and management knowledge in a real-world setting

What courses will I take?

Fitness and Wellness Management Major

BA 371Sport Event and Facility Management3
BC 202Accounting: Information for Decisions4
BK 208Principles Of Marketing3
BI 125Foundations of Biology & Scientific Inquiry I3
BI 125LBiostatistics and Scientific Investigation I1.5
BI 273Human Anatomy4.5
BI 274Human Physiology3
BK 305Professional Selling3
BK 345Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media3
BK 378Sports Marketing and Promotion3
BN 204Principles Of Management3
EX 101Introduction to Exercise Science3
EX 255Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries3
EX 275Human Nutrition3
EX 300Principles of Personal Training4
EX 309Exercise for Special Populations3
EX 350Sport and Exercise Behavior3
EX 375Exercise Testing and Prescription3
EX 450Exercise Science Internship3
GS 120Complementary Therapy & Wellness3
PS 101Introductory Psychology3
Total Hours65

Academic Requirement

All fitness and wellness management majors must achieve a minimum grade of C (C- does not count) in all courses required for the major. This requirement applies equally to any course equivalents that may be accepted by transfer from any other college/university.

The following is the typical sequence of courses required for the major*:

BI 1253CO 1013BN 2043
BI 125L1.5 EX 2553
EX 1013 PS 1013
Writing Competency4 SO 1223
Portal3 Literature Domain3
 14.5 3 15
EX 3503EX 2753BA 3713
BI 2743 BI 2734.5
MA 1353 BK 2083
PL 2693 Historical Roots Domain3
Religious Studies Domain3  
 15 3 13.5
BC 2024GS 1203BK 3783
BK 3053 EX 3004
BK 3453 EX 3753
Holistic Health Domain3 Elective3
 13 3 16
EX 3093N/A EX 4503
EX 3554.5 ME 4501
Fine Arts Domain3 Elective3
Global Awareness Domain3 Elective3
Elective1.5 Elective2
 15 0 12
Total Hours: 123


The course offerings, requirements, and policies of Mount Mercy University are under continual examination and revision. This Catalog presents the offerings, requirements, and policies in effect at the time of publication and in no way guarantees that the offerings, requirements, and policies will not change.

This plan of study represents a typical sequence of courses required for this major. It may not be applicable to every student. Students should contact a department faculty member to be sure of appropriate course sequence.

Careers in fitness & wellness management

With knowledge across subjects and intern experience, our fitness & wellness management graduates are prepared for the workforce. Graduates can find career opportunities in positions like:

  • Wellness Coach
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Fitness and Wellness Coordinator or Wellness Program Consultant
  • Community Health and Wellness Director
  • Fitness Center Manager
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Gym Owner
  • Fitness Sales Director
  • Fitness Consultant

What are the next steps?

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