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Elementary Education

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Mount Mercy University’s elementary education program prepares future teachers to open young peoples’ minds to the exploration and discovery of a bright future.

Recognized as one of the most highly regarded education programs in the state, Mount Mercy’s elementary education program is designed around applying best practices through hands-on experiences. As an elementary education major, you’ll not only learn to apply effective teaching methods.

Mount Mercy does a great job with educating you about those many types of students through classes. By providing field experience opportunities, you are really able to see what you’ve learned take place in person.

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Elementary Education


Gain invaluable experience.

Mount Mercy is one of the only colleges in Iowa to offer a Professional Development School (PDS) model for teacher preparation. PDS offers education majors opportunities to apply theory and content in classroom settings. This invaluable experience helps Mount Mercy students transition into professional teaching careers.

There are several ways you will gain experience at Mount Mercy.

Student Teaching

Student teaching consists of supervised teaching, group and individual conferences, weekly seminars, attendance and participation in professional meetings, and involvement in other school activities. Application forms are made available during the spring term of your junior year. You are given the opportunity to state a preference of schools (public or private), grade and/or subjects. Student teaching is done only in state-approved public and private schools in the metropolitan area with certified teachers, in the fall term of your senior year. It is offered pass-fail for all students. For more information about the application and placement process, please see the current catalog.

Education Leadership Seminar

The education leadership seminar focuses on topics of special importance to students culminating their undergraduate preparation and assuming leadership roles in classroom and school settings. Key topics include:

  • Classroom management techniques
  • Participating in professional meetings
  • Managing and supervising adults as well as students
  • Conducting parent conferences
  • Developing a professional portfolio
  • Interviewing and resume development
  • Understanding professional contracts and licensure
  • Ethics

The education leadership seminar is our capstone event for the teacher education program, and is one of the requirements for graduation. Mount Mercy students have had successful field experiences and internships in many of the surrounding school districts as well as Cedar Rapids Community Schools and the Metropolitan Catholic Schools. The education program has an excellent reputation for the scope and quality of its field-based component.

Student-Iowa State Education Association (S-ISEA)

To supplement your coursework and practical experience, Mount Mercy offers the Student-Iowa State Education Association (S-ISEA) club. Through grants and fellowships, the program is able to present such programs as "Getting Engaged with Science" (Tandy Corporation Grant) and the "TORCH American History Institute" (McLeodUSA Consumer Services and Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Fund).

Mount Mercy University’s education program prepares successful students for licensure within the state of Iowa. Mount Mercy has not determined if the curriculum meet licensure requirements in other states. Mount Mercy’s education program is approved by the Iowa Department of Education.

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What are the next steps?

Mount Mercy offers competitive tuition and generous scholarships.

We also encourage all students to apply for federal, state, and other kinds of financial assistance.

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We make it easy by accepting applications year-round! No deadline, no fee, no pressure.

  1. Create your application
  2. Apply under standard admissions criteria or go "test optional"
  3. Request official transcripts from all institutions previously attended. Mail to:

* Mount Mercy University Admissions
  1330 Elmhurst Drive NE
  Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402

* If you are applying for an accelerated program, please mail to "Accelerated Programs"

For more detailed instructions on how to apply, see our Admissions page.

Careers in elementary education

Hands-on experience sets you apart.

As you might expect, most of our graduates teach in elementary or middle schools. However, education can be a lifelong process, and we welcome our graduates to continue learning through pursuing additional endorsements. With further training, you can also go on to become a guidance counselor, school administrator, media specialist, or a special programs teacher.

The foundation required for teaching involves strong communication, planning, and interpersonal skills, along with courses in psychology. Many jobs outside of education also value these skills, and as such, you may wish to pursue a career in business, publishing, or other related fields.

What can I teach?

  • Art (K-8)
  • Early Childhood Education: Pre-K–Kindergarten
  • English – Language Arts (K-8)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) (K-12)
  • Instructional Strategist I (special education) (K-8)
  • Instructional Strategist II (special education) (K-12 BD and LD)
  • Mathematics (K-8)
  • Middle School (5-8)
  • Music (K-8)
  • Reading (K-8)
  • Science (K-8)
  • History (K-8)
  • Social Studies (K-8)