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Understanding the economy is critical

Social and political context of our economy.

Deepen your understanding of the social, political and business world — alongside any major — with a minor in economics at Mount Mercy University. The economics minor teaches important business skills without feeling like an ordinary business program. Courses focus on explaining why and how people are motivated to work together.

A minor in economics is ideal for enhancing other majors. At Mount Mercy, business students often combine economics with a management, finance or human resource management major, finding career success in business, banking, public service and many others.

Mount Mercy alumna Megan Atkin

Every class is connected to real life examples that allow for a more in-depth experience in the classroom.


Designed to support the individual interests and career goals.

The fundamental, flexible skill set students gain from earning an economics minor at Mount Mercy is applicable to nearly any career. Students seeking a minor in economics can choose traditional on-campus, semester-long courses, or select evening/weekend accelerated courses offered in nine, 5-week blocks throughout the year.

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Mount Mercy offers competitive tuition and generous scholarships.

We also encourage all students to apply for federal, state, and other kinds of financial assistance.

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Careers in economics

Understand how the world works together.

Many Mount Mercy students add value to their education by taking economics courses alongside our other programs. The economics program teaches the concepts, theory and practices that form the financial market’s foundation.

Common career choices for those studying economics include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Economics
  • Operations Management