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Graduates of Mount Mercy University’s communication major learn skills necessary to communicate effectively through a variety of media, giving them the knowledge and skills necessary to engage with individuals and groups in an ever changing world.

Communication students at Mount Mercy focus their degree by choosing from two tracks — verbal communication or media communication. Through a thought-provoking curriculum, real-life experiences and internships, professional communication skills are practiced and refined, which enables them to continuously build and explore.


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Communication students at Mount Mercy focus their degree by choosing from two tracks:

Verbal Communication: Areas of focus within the verbal communication track include public speaking, group communication and developing strong writing skills. A communication degree with a verbal communication track is often connected with a major or minor in business or a liberal arts field such as political science or psychology. Students are prepared for any career that centers on writing and speaking as a professional skill — from business to law, ministry or politics.

Media Communication: The media communication track prepares students for careers centered on creating content — from publication design to web site development, computer-based video production and photography. A communication degree with a media track easily connects to and enhances an English, marketing or art degree.

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The curriculum is phenomenal. Students improve their communication practices, and they learn why these practices are effective, which enables them to continuously build and explore.

Danny Wayson ’14

Careers in Communications

Our graduates are in demand by many local employers.

From prominent speaking careers in ministry and politics to layout and design of magazines, a communication major gives students the skills they need to reach their goals. Communication majors can be found in many different job paths, working for newspapers, magazines or in corporate communication settings.

Graduates have worked at companies like Z102.9, Great America, Hibu, the City of Cedar Rapids, Dardis Communications.

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