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of surveyed alumni within 9 months of graduation
Up to $3,000 for art & design
Receive scholarships or grants

Hands-on learning

Cement your foundation in visual arts concepts, principles, and techniques.

Networking makes a difference. Instructed by our talented faculty who work in the media they teach, Mount Mercy’s engaging curriculum is intertwined with guest artists, seminars, exhibitions, field trips, workshops, student-teaching, and internships, and provides students with the opportunity to study and practice with nationally-known artists in their areas of interest.


Students cement their foundation in visual arts concepts, principles, and techniques. 

Our art facilities offer hands-on learning in sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, painting, drawing, photography, video, and alternative media like installation, fostering diverse and energetic work as unique as a fingerprint.

Many students display and even sell their work at local exhibitions and special events, including:

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Student Randah Espy O'Doherty

Smaller class sizes definitely give you more one-on-one attention and the chance to stand out. It also prepared me by giving me the chance to take a multitude of art classes including printmaking, drawing, painting, and art history.

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Mount Mercy offers competitive tuition and generous scholarships.

We also encourage all students to apply for federal, state, and other kinds of financial assistance.

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Careers in art

Networking makes a difference.

Art majors often go on to become museum arts administrators and staff in various non-profit institutions such as Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), art consultants, or apply to graduate school to follow careers such as college teaching, book illustration, or work in related professional fields.

Mount Mercy graduates have worked for organizations like the Herbert Hoover Museum, Raining Rose, or Groundswell, using their training as an art major to advance their natural talents. Other graduates have become entrepreneurs, company vice presidents, photographers, consultants, teachers, artists, art directors, art professors, and more.

Art facilities and studios

Complete with equipment for small to medium-scale woodworking, carving, glass and plaster casting, and soldering. (Students complete metal work at a local foundry.)

Featuring 10 electric wheels and two (manual) kick wheels, hand-building tools, clay mixers/extruders, glaze-mixing areas, and both gas and electric kilns.

Two intaglio presses, one lithography press, letterpresses, and type drawers, screens and table mounts for silkscreen, tools for relief painting, exposure units for digital printmaking, a ventilated spray booth, small scale papermaking tools, and paper soaking/drying areas.

Spaces for both beginning and advanced classes, equipped with easels and carts for each student, painting storage racks, encaustic supplies, and a still life collection.

For both manual and digital photography. Equipment includes a light system for studio work, monochromatic backdrops for studio work, and lightbox. Digital and manual SLRs, tripods and video cameras are available for checkout.

Classroom is equipped with basic supplies commonly used in elementary/secondary art programs and includes a SmartBoard.

Space for courses and studio presentations. This classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard.

16 machines containing the latest graphic design and video editing software (Adobe Creative Suite), and a full range of fonts. The lab also contains a large-format color printer as well as black and white, and color laser printers.