Deciding Between Graduate Programs

Mount Mercy's respected Business & Leadership graduate programs provide a structure for innovation and cross-collaboration.

Which Business & Leadership program is right for me?

The key is to determine your goals, interests, and ambitions:

  • The Master of Management (MM) helps you gain the necessary business skills to launch or develop your career.

All four can help you grow in your career. Many students have completed a combination of programs.

One size does not fit all

  • Gain the tools necessary to become an effective manager
  • Expand upon the human skills needed to excel in today’s dynamic business environment
  • Graduate ready to establish yourself and grow in your career
  • Develop a network of growing professionals

  • Develop the skills required for careers in business and management
  • Learn to analyze, improve, and manage processes and systems
  • Apply theories and skills to solve problems and achieve best practices
  • Explore essential tools for success in business, demonstrating professional consistency
  • Expand your professional network

  • Apply leadership theories to solve complex challenges
  • Focus on the people in the organization and how leaders influence others to drive change and deliver results
  • Gain self-awareness, develop a leadership philosophy, and recognize how actions impact others
  • Become an adaptive leader that drives growth and innovation
  • Expand your professional network of community leaders

  • Generate strategies to drive business solutions
  • Apply relevant value chain analytical skills
  • Leverage ways to work with diverse teams
  • Look into the effects of a globalized supply chain to optimize a multinational business operation
  • Implement safe, ethical, socially responsible, and sustainable supply chain practices to favorably impact your bottom line
  • Connect with other supply chain professionals

Why do a combination?

Each program offers unique strengths and promotes in-demand skills.

  • Stand out with tactical and strategic knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Round out your skill set as a promotable emerging leader or seasoned leader
  • Evaluate problems and solutions more holistically
  • Understand multiple perspectives—peers, direct reports, and executives
  • Develop and expand your professional network

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