Academic Center for Excellence

Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

A wide spectrum of Mount Mercy students come to the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE), but they all have one thing in common; a desire to bring their skills to a new level of excellence.

We help underprepared students prepare, prepared students advance, and advanced students excel. Our goal is to help you become a more independent and efficient learner. A friendly and caring place, ACE's services are personalized and flexible. ACE provides some walk-in assistance during office hours and also offers one-on-one and small group guidance with regularly scheduled appointments. ACE is open to all students, free of charge.

Center Hours

6–9 PM | Sunday
8 AM–9 PM | Monday–Thursday
8 AM–4:30 PM | Friday 

ACE is located in 130 University Center.

Phone: 319-363-1323 ext. 1208

Disability services recognizes that disability reflects diverse characteristics and experiences and is an aspect of diversity integral to society. To that end, we collaborate with students, instructors, staff, and community members to create diverse learning environments that are usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable.