Spanish minor classroomStudents who decide to minor in Spanish at Mount Mercy University will discover the joy of encountering the world in another language. Learning a second language will enhance their academic experience and give them an advantage in our globalized world. Pursuing a Spanish minor will help students develop an understanding of different cultures and provide them with the necessary tools to widen their experience as professionals.

Mount Mercy's Spanish minor offers a sequence of classes based on the Standards for Foreign Language Learning. Upon completion of the minor in Spanish the students will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in Spanish
  • Understand the Cultures of the Hispanic world
  • Connect Spanish with other majors 
  • Make informed Comparisons of language and cultures as a whole 
  • Participate in a global Community of Spanish speakers

Students minoring in Spanish will take a variety of courses, including Writing and Composition, Conversation, Culture and Civilization and Introduction to Hispanic Literature.

What our students say....

"Knowing another language helps us understand the world as a whole and broaden our horizon as individuals." ~ Mariah Cary, public relations major

"Learning another language teaches perseverance and that there is more than one way to solve a problem. It gives the individual the drive to keep expanding one's knowledge." ~ Danny Wayson, psychology major

"Knowing another language opens you up to a whole new perspective. You are able to think differently and work your mind in ways it never did before." ~ Stephanie Khairallah, marketing major