While examining, reflecting on and learning from the past, Mount Mercy University’s history program prepares students for successful futures.

With a major or minor in history at Mount Mercy, you develop the skillset needed to adapt to an ever-changing workforce. As you investigate a diverse spectrum of social, economic, political and cultural developments and make connections between historic events and our contemporary world, you’ll also refine your reading, writing, researching, speaking and critical thinking skills.

Our history program offers a broad range of courses, including both Western and non-Western history. What’s more, our faculty pride themselves on giving students highly individualized attention while ensuring students reach both their academic and career goals.

Experience makes a difference. Students gain experience through community collaboration and club activities as well as study abroad opportunities to countries like the Czech Republic, England, Scotland and Ireland, among others. To further support their studies in history, you'll find it easy to add a second major or a minor in business administration, communication, English, political science or secondary education, creating a unique study plan that’s right for your interests.

What can I do with a history degree?

Graduates from our history program enter successful careers in education, business, journalism, government, library science, historic preservation, and the non-profit sector, while others choose to further their education in graduate or law school.

Recent graduates currently work in a varitey of fields, including:

  • Secondary history education
  • Law
  • Business and marketing
  • Historic preservation


Mount Mercy's respected community ties allow students to gain internships and work experience locally, including:

  • National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library
  • African American Museum of Iowa
  • Linn County Historical Society's Carl and Mary Koehler History Center
  • Brucemore historic site and community cultural center
  • Ushers Ferry Historic Village
  • Mount Mercy's Busse Library