The finance major prepares students to work in any of the major areas in the field of finance. Areas of prime opportunity include:

  • Commercial banking
  • Financial planning
  • Investment analysis
  • Corporate financial analysis
  • Investment banking.

Many of these areas are expected to grow in demand for employees in the near future. Employment of financial managers over the 2006-2016 decade is expected to grow by 13 percent. According to the U.S Department of Labor, personal financial planners and financial analysts are two of the fastest growing occupations, making the finance field a sector that is highly competitive. For 2006 -2016, the number of jobs for personal financial planners is expected to increase by 41 percent; for financial analysts by 33.8 percent.

The coursework required for the finance major gives students a well-rounded background in business and finance. Students will learn the core areas of finance, including the time value of money, evaluation of financial performance, planning and forecasting, risk vs. return tradeoffs, securities valuation, capital budgeting, the cost of capital, and portfolio management.

The new major is part of Mount Mercy’s strong business department, which includes majors in accounting, finance, marketing, management, human resource management, and business; and minors in accounting,  economics, human resources, and business administration. Students who major in finance will benefit from the close relationships Mount Mercy shares with local financial companies such as AEGON and GreatAmerica Leasing.